Eleven Truths from 2011

1. My increase in love for all things nature and animals has caused my A.D.D to skyrocket. I now bird-watch while driving. Bird-watch. While driving. So far, I’ve spotted numerous hawks, two owls, and one blue heron. Someone help me.

2. Jason and I both agree that 2011 was our most tiresome/stressful year. We are both glad it’s over Smile

3. I completed almost all of my goals for 2011. Like running a marathon, doing well in school, blah blah blah. The one I didn’t complete or even start ? Writing the first part of my memoir. It isn’t for anyone else to see, just me. I don’t want to forget the first time I met Cocoa the drag queen (age 14). Nor do I want to forget the time my sister knocked me unconscious for tattle-telling on her. Good times, good times. These memories are precious.

4. I framed this picture of Jane Goodall and put it on my bedside table as a reminder of the kind of person I want to be.

Did you know that it took a three week boat ride for her to get to Africa for the first time? Craziness. And that she was the first (known) person to discover chimps using “tools” to get food? She also was the first known scientist to see chimps display some type of warfare in the wild…I find her completely fascinating. If you haven’t read her book  “A Reason for Hope”, go read it now please Smile

5. A few days ago, I noticed Sophie frantically chasing something around the house. After taking a closer look, I realized it was a teeny-tiny little mouse! A wittle itty bitty house mouse (excuse my baby talk), no bigger than my thumb. He was scared out of his wittle (sorry) mind.

So I scooped him up and put him in a shoebox out of Sophie’s reach. I went to check on Charlie yesterday and he was gone. So now we have a mouse in our house. Two things:

  1. I hope it’s a male.
  2. Don’t tell Jason I kept a mouse.

Thank you Open-mouthed smile

6. In 2011, I stopped watching shows that I feel desensitize me. That includes any show produced by Seth McFarlane, horror movies and even some reality TV crime shows. I think it’s working because I can hardly be in the same room with Jason while he watches ‘The Walking Dead’. Shows I am loving: New Girl, Glee, Parks & Rec, The Office, Raising Hope, and some Pawn Stars Smile

Yes, Zooey. You are adorkable.

7. In December 2011, Jason and I took food, sweaters, and blankets to three men living under a bridge. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, but so worth it. It feels good to see the blankets spread across their “beds” as I drive by there on my way to work everyday Smile I hope they’re keeping them warm.

8. There were definitely some delicious recipes made last year! And some not-so-delicious. Yes, it’s true. Sometimes I make really horrible-tasting meals. Like the ‘Tofu Florentine’ I whipped up one time that made me (and Jason) want to vomit. Oh- and like time I made ‘Polenta Casserole’ using dry polenta. Except I forgot to cook the polenta before baking it…have you ever tried to eat sand?

9. I stopped keeping my cats indoors all the time. I was going to do a big post about this, but never did. I’ve read enough books to know that unless really old and lazy, cats probably want the opportunity to explore outside. To be cats. To poop in dirt and sharpen their talons on trees instead of furniture. I’m just sayin’. Might I even go as far to say that Sophie is a bit sweeter after being let loose for a bit? Winking smile

10. In 2011 I turned 26 and immediately began worrying that my most reproductive years are passing me by. Hang in there, ovaries! Just a few more years!

11. There are some fond, fond memories of last year, including:

  • Rocking out to Three Days Grace, Seether, Theory of a Deadman, and many more at an all-day concert with Jason Smile


  • Finishing up at community college and being accepted into the Biology program at UNCC
  • Going on my first rafting trip through TN for my birthday!
  • Midnight dancing sessions with Jason to Bobby Browns “It’s My Perogative”
  • Becoming vegan and celebrating my veganniversary on January 1st, 2012 Open-mouthed smile
  • Adopting a third pet and learning that yes, my heart is in fact big enough to handle yet another pet in our home. Three is my limit though Winking smile
  • Two camping trips to Sparta, NC with Jason and Trixie. I heart camping.


  • Running the Mud Run with Jason, Anitra, and Heath Open-mouthed smile SO MUCH FUN!!!


And that’s only the beginning…can’t wait to see what this year brings!

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  1. You had an insane year. I can’t believe you kept the mouse. That’s the best part of having a cat, they kill those things and eat them. It’s their nature.

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