Being A Grown Up Means…

…you repot your plants after you realize that the roots are taking up the entire pot. It also means that you throw said plants away when water fails to “perk them up” anymore.

…you resist the urge to yell “Stranger Danger!” when an elderly man outside of your favorite deli asks you to go in and order for him.

…you immediately put all of your Christmas money towards your tuition, school supplies, and a new pack of socks. That sweater you’ve been wanting for a long time will just have to wait.

…you keep track of the last oil change in your car, and when 3,000 miles has come and gone, you get it changed again. Seriously folks- I’m just now learning to live this way. “Cars need oil?”

…you stop finding excuses to text and drive. It’s dangerous, people! Nothing is that important! Don’t do it.

…you feed your animals and boyfriend before feeding yourself. Why is it that they are all hungry right when my butt cheeks are about to hit the sofa? Weird.

…you resist the urge to cry out when a six year old asks you to read his Lego Star Wars instruction book to him  one more time. Patience, Stacey, patience.

…you stop being afraid to ask for what you really want. In any situation.

…you take matters into your own hands.

…you learn how to use a leaf-blower, food chopper,  and a caulk gun all in one month. And then brag about it to friends and family. “Give me something to caulk!”

…at the gym, you pick the treadmill in front of CNN instead of Nickelodeon. Wait, I still don’t do that. Never mind. Smile

…you learn to stop being so modest, and accept gifts when they are offered. Because “when someone offers you something, you take it.” <—wise words from my mother. Except drugs or candy from a stranger- don’t take those things.

…you get rid of “memorabilia” that never really meant anything to begin with. Yesterday I threw away a pen I had taken home to remind me of my first time eating at Hooters. Wow, what sentimental value that pen had.

…you learn to stand up for the things you believe in, no matter how different other people may feel about what you’re fighting for.

…you learn to take in every moment that you have with family. Never mind the fact that you only see them during holidays, it is still time together.

…going home with a sore throat because you gladly screamed your head off for your home team. 

…learning to control your whiny-ness when your boyfriend sits in the middle of the tool aisle at Sears for 30 minutes comparing the differences between two meters. “I have to make an educated decision.” *Rolls eyes and joins him on the floor*

…you live with an open heart and an open mind. You are always open for opportunity and education. You grow from where you come from, become your own person, and do anything it takes to make your dreams become a reality Smile

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3 Responses

  1. Stacey, you are certainly a grownup, more so than some of the grownups I know. You know how to take care of yourself, pay your bills and make your own path, even if it’s not the most smooth in front of you. I am so happy that you’ve found someone who will walk beside you in your life, not in front or behind you. Even though I am your sister, not your mom, you make me unbelievably proud each day you forge ahead to get what you want in your life. Never loose your passion, it’s what makes you who you are! Love you so much!

  2. Wonderful list! You certainly sound like a grown up to me! I hope to be one some day as well…maybe after the next 35 years… 🙂

  3. It’s ok to embrace adulthood. With the extra responsibilities comes a great deal of freedoms too, and they are a lot of fun. No matter what CNN says.

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