Meet the New Addition to Our Fur Family

Sophie Smile


Sophie sure has made a lot of progress since my last post!

She had been making it through the nights and eating more and more, but I was really concerned about her eyesight. Mainly because it was very obvious that she was blind…if I put her on the floor, she would run into things and walk around in circles. It really was heart-breaking to think our little kitty would not be able to see for the rest of her life.

So on the third day of having her, I called the vet to see if I could switch her vet appointment to Wednesday instead of waiting for Saturday to roll around. I explained my situation and they agreed that she needed to be seen soon if there was any possibility of saving her eyesight.

They squeezed Sophie in between two other appointments Open-mouthed smile This was the first time I had been to this particular animal hospital, and they were so great. You guys know how much I care about my pets, and it was nice to be in a place where the doctors cared about them just as much. Winking smile

Sophie’s first vet visit

Upon walking in and picking her up to look at her, the vet exclaimed “Oh my! You poor thing!”

[Meanwhile, my heart is sinking in my chest!]

She then told me that it seems that Sophie’s right eye has a “detached cornea” and she probably has no vision out of that eye, but the left eye can be saved.


She also said that Sophie has an upper respiratory infection and that once we get rid of that, the eyes should clear up a bit…but not to get my hopes up about her right eye, because in the future, it will probably need to be removed at some point.

The vet gave us some antibiotics, cream for her eyes, and de-wormer just in case.

So now our little Sophie is home and she’s been on the antibiotics for about 3 days Smile 

I can totally see an improvement in both of her eyes!! I called the vet back to tell her that the inflammation in the right eye has gone down significantly (because she wanted to me to call back and check in <—love that) and she said that we were very lucky Open-mouthed smile <—love that too!




Her eyes look so much better Smile Now whenever we put her on the floor, instead of walking right into things, she will stop before she gets to it and go another way! So I’m thinking she is starting to see the outline of objects?


Oh, and she loves Trixie. They always seem to gravitate towards each other ❤ Sophie even tried nursing her once, and that was pretty hilarious to Jason and me Open-mouthed smile


As for eating…kitty can eat! She loves feeding time (which is about every 3-3.5 hours). It’s weird, I feel like I have a baby or something. I kind of schedule my day around her feedings and I wake up in the middle of the night to give her a bottle, ha!



It’s only been a week, but we love her so much already. She’s starting to get a little playful, so I guess I need to invest in some play mice for her Smile 

All in all, I’m glad that we found her when we did. And I like that think that she’s glad we found her too Winking smile


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Cause for Celebration

First off- look what Jason found at work today:


An abandoned kitten Sad smile If I had to guess, I would say that he is maybe 2-3 weeks old? Jason found him stumbling around and crying in the basement of the shop (which is outside). He is most definitely blind…this next  picture breaks my heart.



If I call him or if my cat comes near him, he will try to sniff the direction that we are in. Sometimes he falls down, other times he heads the wrong way. It is now my official job to keep this little cutie alive.

I’ve fed him milk through a dropper, cleaned his eyes with a warm cloth, and put him in a box with something cuddly for him to fall asleep on.


Fingers crossed that he lives Fingers crossed And if so, then I guess I have a new cat. Smile I’ll keep you updated!

This weekend was so great!

My wonderful weekend started with wonderful food and company at a Friday lunch!

My BFF, Ashley, and I went to Big Daddy’s Burger Bar in Charlotte for a bite to eat before heading over to Babies R’ Us. And please take the phrase “A bite to eat” in the broadest of terms Winking smile 



I ordered a beer-battered, deep-fried mushroom cap with pickles, lettuce, tomato and some funny-tasting sauce (I think it had Ranch dressing in it??) along with tater tots for munching! Every time I order tater tots, I think of Napoleon Dynamite, haha!

[Insert food porn here]


This guy was GI-gantic! I could only eat about 3/4 of the sandwich before calling it quits. And even though I knew all of this fried food would cause a stomach-ache later, it was well worth it!

The next morning I geared up for a 16 mile run on the greenway. I took water, trail mix, half of a Cliff bar, and a G2 with me for fuel. It turned out to be one of my best long runs yet! I finished in 2:35! That means that most of my miles were done at a 9:45 minute pace Open-mouthed smile Woo hoo! A great improvement from my last run.

(I also remembered my sunscreen this time Winking smile )

After my run, I went to the Organic Marketplace and by Dunkin Donuts (represent!) for a decaf iced coffee with a pump of mocha….


So cold and delicious…

The remainder of my morning was spent like this:

**I have to stop for a sec and say that while running this weekend, I realized how early I began training for my marathon! I mean, the race is in November and I’m already running 16 miles!! I thought about cutting back a little bit but I honestly love doing long I think I’ll just keep my plan going for now. It does feel a bit silly though!**

Jason finally coerced me off of the floor by promising me food and a walk in the park with our Trixer. What can I say? The  man knows what I like Winking smile



Once back home, we thought about going out for pizza but I wasn’t in the mood. We decided to keep dinner simple by making a baked vegetable/pasta dish. It was thoroughly enjoyed while we sat outside in the beautiful weather! Sun


Dear vegan cheese- I love you. Times this plate by two Smile Girl can eat! Hehe!

And for dessert (drumroll please)…


Vegan chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and a few bites of Cliff bar! Heaven.

Jason and I finished the night off by watching “Tommy Boy” and playing cards on the sofa Smile

The next morning we dressed in our Sunday best and headed to church!


I was kind of excited for the rest of the day because not only was it Easter but we were celebrating Jason’s 26th birthday as well!! Birthday cake And I had a cake to make once we got home!

We spent the afternoon buying some groceries for a special birthday dinner, visiting his mom and grandpa, we also stopped to look at a house out in the country Smile It was the perfect afternoon.

I felt like I was waiting for dinner time to come around all day! I wanted to cook, darn it!

So at 4:50 I couldn’t wait any longer and decided to go ahead and start the tater salad! I was excited to make this dish because it was the first time I’d ever tasted Veganaise, and because I love potato salad! Last summer was the last time I had any…and that’s too long if you ask me Winking smile

It turned out awesome. Except that I meant to cut the recipe in half, but instead I ended up cutting the potato serving in half and making the all of the dressing! Woops. We had extra, extra dressing but it was still delicious!



I made mine into a salad with crackers on the side for crunch Smile And here is the birthday boy with his birthday steak!


Trixie was his best friend during dinner Winking smile


Jason loved the potato salad! He said it’s best he’s ever had Smile I love it when he says that about vegan food! It’s definitely a winner and will make a lot of appearances in our kitchen this summer!

We took Trixie on a quick walk in the evening and then came back for cake!

No birthday is complete without cake Open-mouthed smile Or a singing of “Happy birthday to you…”



Hehe Smile 


This is the first vegan chocolate cake that I have attempted. Not sure I’ll make it again. Jason mentioned how it was more like a brownie than a cake…so true! The “icing” went straight through the cake turning it all gooey and moist inside, but that’s nothing to complain about!

Times that plate by two please Open-mouthed smile

Lots of good eating this weekend! I’m in a bit of detox mode right now (that’s not to say that I don’t still enjoy a piece of cake after dinner-duh), bring on the veggies and fruit!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week so far!

Kitten Update:

She made it through the night and is eating kitten milk via a bottle. I’m still a bit worried about her eyes and am trying to keep them clean as best I can. Only time will tell! Hopefully we can make it through another night Smile 

See ya!

Thank Goodness for Yoga

What a morning it has been!

I slept terribly last night…I think I got maybe an hour of sleep, and the rest of that time was spent tossing and turning and thinking. Sometimes my brain won’t be quiet Thinking smile 

I blame the un-sweet tea I had at 4 o’clock in the afternoon yesterday Winking smile

So after realizing that I wouldn’t be getting any more shut eye– this realization came at 6:30 a.m., with me wide awake in bed, envying Jason’s snoring and complete unawareness of the traffic outside of our window- I stumbled out of bed, wiped the crust out of my eyes and set some water on the stove for tea.

For the next hour, I worked at the computer in my jammies.

The more I sat there typing, the more I started to notice how much my body ached. Well, not just my body, but my brain, my eyes, just everything was achy and tight. Though I had very little energy and was in kind of a sour mood (Annoyed), I decided to get up and do some yoga.

In my pajamas.

**Let me take a moment to say: I love! With gas prices at $4 a gallon, I can’t afford the 45 minute drive to Charlotte for a hot yoga class right now, and this was the perfect substitute Smile**

I wanted a class I had never done before (I’ve tried the vinyasa flow and one of Dave Farmar’s classes), so I picked Yoga Sculpt class. Here is the description on the website:

This Yoga Sculpt class uses weights throughout to help sculpt and tone your body as you stretch and move through your yoga poses. Dawnelle is the master of creative flows, and she comes up with amazing ways to incorporate weight training into her flow series’. You will be worked and sweat like nothing else from this class! This is the most challenging class available on our site! Enjoy!

Cool! I grabbed my mat and weights and started the video!


Except- holy crapoly! The strength training moves were so hard with the eight pound weights and after 10 minutes, I quickly switched to my five pound dumbbells just so I could keep up!


And after only 30 minutes into the class, I began sweating! I’ve never experienced that with any of the other online classes! I don’t mean just a little damp, but actual sweat trickling down my stomach and lower felt so detoxifying and hard at the same time, but I love a challenge Open-mouthed smile 


By the time the class ended, my arms and legs were screaming for a break! I was very grateful for savasana pose today Smile 

So grateful, in fact, that I fell asleep! I woke up to find that the video had gone off (I also found my cat licking my eyebrow…weirdo alert!) and that I’d been out for about 10 minutes.

Awesomeness Smile

Todays yoga practice was so great. I really needed that stretch in my legs…and mind! My body feels so relaxed (read: sleepy) and stretched out. I am always thankful for a yoga practice. Yes, it may hurt and be extremely challenging at times, but in the end, I am always glad I did it.

Plus- the class only costs $2!! What a deal Open-mouthed smile

Moving on–

Last night Jason and I had crispy, crunchy tofu for dinner! Twas wonderful and I wanted to share the recipe with you guys!

Chile Cornmeal Crusted Tofu (Veganomicon)



  • oil for frying
  • 1 lb. extra firm tofu, drained and pressed
  • 1 cup soy milk
  • 2 Tbsp. cornstarch
  • 1 cup cornmeal
  • 2 Tbsp. chili powder
  • 1 tsp. cumin
  • 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper
  • 1 Tbsp. lime zest (I just use lime juice)
  • 1 1/2 tsp. salt


Slice the tofu widthwise into 8 slices, then cut those slices in half diagonally. (Make 16 squares of tofu) Combine soy milk, cornstarch and lime zest in wide shallow bowl. Mix with a fork until cornstarch is dissolved. In another shallow bowl- toss together cornmeal, spices and salt.

Heat about 1/4 inch of oil in large skillet over medium heat. Dip each slice of tofu in the soymilk mixture, drop it into the cornmeal mixture using your dry hand, and dredge it in the mixture with your other hand, so that it is coated on all side.

Transfer the tofu to the skillet in two batches so as not to crowd the pan. Fry on each side for 3 minutes, drain on paper towels. Repeat with second batch.

This is perfect for dipping in BBQ sauce!


The smudge is steam. I’m too impatient to wait for my food to cool! It’s yummy and delicious Smile My brain likes to think of it as the vegans version of fried chicken, haha Open-mouthed smile

And tonight is meat-for-Jason night! Parmesan crusted chicken. He is very excited…meat night is something he looks forward to every week!


**Ah hem- not that I don’t offer to cook more meat than that, but he says he gets meat at lunch so he likes not having it so much at dinner** Winking smile

PS. Ladies, go make this for your meat-eating man! You can thank me later Smile It’s so easy to make!

Anywho, I’m off to get in a bit of reading School I finished Catching Fire (LOVED IT) and have now moved on to the last book in the series:


Happy Wednesday friends!

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Lessons Learned…Hopefully

Or… Training for a Marathon: What Not to Do Open-mouthed smile

Not sure why I put a smiley-face with that! There was nothing smiley about my 14 mile run this past weekend, except for finishing it of course!

This past weekend was all about learning lessons. Lessons in long-distance running, in patience, and in happiness.

Let’s just start with the run from hell.

It was okay.

The weather was really pretty.

I learned my lesson from my last long run, and took the Camelbak  with me to keep me hydrated.

The lessons I learned on this run:

  1. When heading out for a long run, it is best to start it early in the morning or late in the evening. Not at noon when the sun is at it’s highest and hottest point in the day. Sun
  2. Also-if you know you are going to be running a long distance, it is best not to pick the hilliest area of your town and run it twice…ouch.
  3. If you look up the weather online and see that it’s going to be 80 degrees, you probably should not leave the house in running tights and a long sleeve shirt.
  4. With that being said, you should also refrain from packing a snack that has chocolate in it…it will melt everywhere, leaving you with messy, sticky hands that you have to deal with for the rest of the run.

Smile There. I am swearing to myself that this weekends 16-miler will be different, darn it!

My 14-miler wasn’t so bad, it was just extremely hilly, hot and windy out. I finished in two hours and 30 minutes exactly…leaving me to believe that my pace was about 10:30-11 minute miles! So much for a speedy run, but that’s ok. I just wasn’t feeling it. It was the kind of run where every mile I’m thinking to myself “Why would anyone want to run 26 miles?!!! What have I gotten myself into!” Hehe.


And, well the lessons in patience and happiness went hand in hand.

Lately, Jason has been extremely busy with work and school. So much so that I only get to spend time with him maybe one or two nights a week even though we live together! Needless to say- I miss him!


We have both been on edge lately and we’re just ready for this semester to be over. There is a week between then end of this semester and the beginning of summer semester that neither of us will have any work or school to occupy our attention. And we plan on taking full advantage of that!

This weekend we booked a week-long vacation to the Outer Banks! Open-mouthed smile



Jason has never been, but I went with my class in 5th grade Smile Of course…I don’t remember much because I was too busy taking pictures of my friends and not paying attention when we visited the light houses and Kitty Hawk museum Winking smile I do, however, remember the sand dunes! And how much fun it was to climb them and roll back down (nevermind that I got sand in places it should never, ever be)!


And Trixie is coming too! She loves the beach!

So anywho, that gave us a little something to look forward to. Only a couple more weeks of school (for him) and then he’s a senior! Woo woo!

While he’s been working hard on his circuit project, I have been working like a madwoman on my personal training study guide Smile


I’m finally on the last section (which I plan on finishing this week!) and next week I begin studying my study guide so I can be ready for my test at the end of May! Yay for progress!

But staring at the computer for hours at a time makes me want to scream. So in order to get some built-up energy out, I headed outside to play some basketball. But then I noticed the “bush” in front of our house that is in desperate need of trimming…


and you can probably guessed what happened next…


[Insert 80’s tree-trimming montage here]…and ta-da!


Not great, but an improvement at least! And look what I found in there:


A cute little nest! No worries though. It’s an empty, abandoned one that has been there since last spring.

Oh- and speaking of all things GREEN-I am making more of an effort to buy environmentally-friendly cleaning and beauty products! Sine I am new to this, I’ve started with just the basics:

  • I make sure that the bottle/container it comes in is, in fact, recyclable.
  • I read the ingredients list. It should be short (most of the time)
  • I check for a USDA label, Natural Products Association seal, or a BDIH stamp.


With beauty products, it’s kind of a different story. You see, I’m kinda scurred Confused smile There has only been one hair-care line that I’ve found to work with my curly hair and that is Tresemme.


They’ve just started their own “Naturals” collection, which I picked up this weekend. I plan to use until I can find something that is completely organic/natural that works with my hair.


The thing is- I’ve searched natural products at different stores around the area and most of them are $$$!! The ones I have thought about trying are:

Kiss My Face ($7-$11 per bottle)


Organix Natural Shampoo and Conditioner (5$-7$ per bottle-the cheapest I found and it’s sold at Wal-Mart!)


Burt’s Bees Shampoo and Conditioner ($6-$8 per bottle-found at Target and Wal-Mart)


Those are the only three contenders as of right now. I guess my next step would be to look for some testimonials on the internet, haha! Open-mouthed smile

What do you guys think? Ever tried any of these shampoos?

I am the type that gets addicted to a label…I guess you could call me a “loyal customer” Winking smile Once I buy, and begin to really like a certain product, I usually don’t ever go to another one unless there has been a recall or it’s stopped being manufactured.

Are you the same way?

I know I promised a recipe but it’s getting late and I need to work on my study guide before Jason comes home! He’s promised me a hike up Crowder’s Mtn Smile I want to have all of my work out of the way! Here is a sneak peek at what’s to come:


Hint: It involves crunchy, crispy tofu that is oh-so dip-worthy Winking smile

Gotta hit the books! Later taters!

PS. Thank you for all of the kind comments on my last post! You guys rock!

Bad Student Gone Good

Hey friends Smile

I was planning on blogging about exercises that will strengthen your lower back (Jason hurt his back at work this week, hence the post idea!) but a letter that came in the mail has inspired me to write about something totally different!

So here goes…

Remember when I told you that I had sent in an application for the Exercise Science program at UNCC? Well, I’ve spent the past five weeks waiting for a response whilst dealing with major rejection anxiety issues. I even had nightmares!

*In my dream, my advisor from UNCC calls me into her office and tells me that she’s considered allowing me into their school but unfortunately, has decided not to. Then she rips up my application, tells me to get out of her office. As I’m leaving she shouts that my car is being towed and my boyfriend is breaking up with me too.*

I woke up crying.

Jason consoled me and has since then told me that I “have nothing to worry about. Why wouldn’t they accept you?”

Well today-it was confirmed!!! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile


Eeeeeeyay! I’m in! I start in the Fall Smile  (And yes, my real name is Anastasia. If you didn’t know that, then you probably missed this post!) After opening this letter, I thought to myself: Why were you so afraid of being rejected?! And I immediately knew why.


You see, I was a terrible student in high school. I didn’t take it seriously at all. My sister and I grew up with a single mom that was more like our friend than a parent.

If I didn’t feel like going to school, my mom wouldn’t make me go. We were never preached to about the importance of studying or making good grades. And it didn’t help that I suffered major social anxiety during high school.

I guess I saw it as a form of “torture” to go spend all day at a place where I didn’t have any friends, was too shy to make friends, and got picked on by the senior kids. (Though I was quite the character around my friends that went to other schools..)


(In no way, shape or form am I trying to get pity! Or blame my mom Smile I love her with all my heart, but in order for you to know the full story, this stuff has to be included)

I literally spent the first semester of my freshman year eating lunch in a bathroom stall. Cliché, I know. I avoided getting my yearbook picture taken until my senior year just because I didn’t want to wait in line with other students!

My grades were decent in English and History (my favorite subjects), but Science and Math were in another ballpark altogether. I’d be happy with a C in either of them. But I usually scraped by with D’s (and once an F in Trig!). I just didn’t try. Thinking about my future was not my top priority, staying unnoticed was.

When graduation time rolled around, my GPA (back then I didn’t even know what that meant!) was a measly 2.1


I still applied to a ton of universities in N.C. because I figured that’s what you are supposed to do after you graduate – keep going to school. Plus, everyone else was doing it. After getting 5 rejection letters back from the places I applied to, I settled on community college…where I wasted the next 4 years of my life skipping from major to major and still not giving a flip about my grades.

In 2008 Jason and I took our friendship to the next level and started dating. I was still a Psychology major but wasn’t very passionate about it…or about anything for that matter!


And here was this guy that had a 4.0 and that spent many nights and most weekends working diligently on his homework and projects. A guy that would get upset if he made a B on something. A guy that would tell me to take pride in everything I do, only to have me respond my rolling my eyes.

I have to admit that Jason’s pride for his schoolwork kind of pissed me off for the first few months when we started dating Smile Haha. He would spend nights doing homework instead of going to dinner with me and the whole time I’m thinking: “What for?! It’s just homework!”

Around this time, I was getting more and more into running and fitness, eating healthier and watching my weight. One afternoon my mom called to tell me about a new program at school called “Dietetics”. I switched my major and had finally found something that interested me.


Granted, I still did not study as much as I could have. I still did not make the greatest of grades, sliding by with low B’s and a few C’s….but I made it through.-

I finally got to my last year of school when the only two classes I needed were Organic Chemistry and College Algebra.

The dreaded science & math combo. The high school me hated science and math. The college me…freakin’ loved it! Open-mouthed smile For some reason Chemistry came naturally to me, everything we were taught made sense (and it helped to have a wonderful teacher) to me! I made an A on 3 out of 4 exams and aced the final getting all of my answers right. Algebra was great too, I found that I really have a thing for numbers if I put my mind/heart into it.

By graduation time, I had brought my GPA up from a 2.1 to a 3.1 Smile I also made the Dean’s List and won a Gray Matter Award in Chemistry for having the highest grade in my class. Thumbs up

So you’re thinking: What’s your point?? Winking smile

I guess this is my point-

I’m really, truly proud of myself for getting this far. I’m thankful that I have a boyfriend that has shown me that taking pride in what you do is very important, and that if you take school seriously, who knows?! You might just get somewhere in life! I hate that it took  me this long to learn the importance of making good grades, but at least I got there Winking smile

And you had better believe that I am shooting for the top when it comes to UNCC! No slacking here! I’ve kind of acquired this need to be the best of the best  when it comes to school…a bit overzealous? Maybe Winking smile

To celebrate my great news, I went out for a 4 mile run on the greenway (ok-so I had to do a 4 mile run today anyway, but still) and finished in 36 minutes!!! “I’m get-ting fas-terrrr!” Note <—said in a sing-song voice.

I also celebrated with an un-sweet blueberry tea from DD Open-mouthed smile 


Oh, Dunkin’ Donuts…

Even though I’ve gone vegan, I am still finding ways to enjoy your deliciousness.

PS. I love your blueberry syrup. It makes me feel as if I’m drinking a blueberry muffin…a big, chewy, blueberry-tastic muffin. Thank you for that.

Love, Your loyal customer with the curly hair

Open-mouthed smile

PS. I am still studying for personal training exam. I am finishing my study guide this week, and plan to study all through the next month, and take the exam the last week in May. I’m learning so much!

PSS. A recipe and that back-strengthening exercise post comin’ atcha later this week!

Have a great Thursday lovies! Thanks for reading Smile


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Changes and Training

Hey guys! Smile

Feels good to blog again! This past weekend was a lot like other weekends: we grocery shopped (and hauled them in during a hail storm!), ate good food, did some errands…oh, yeah and I ran 12 miles.


Fanny packs are in this season! Pass it on to your friends! Winking smile

This run was almost as bad as my last long run…stomach trouble, humidity, and not bringing enough fluids and fuel were all components of yet another “bad” run.

I’ve been noticing a lot more changes in my body (and well, just everything) as my distance increases from week to week.

  • I’m hungry ALL the time. Except for the days that I run! Seriously. I have no appetite on my long run days, but I still eat as if I did. And the days after my long run are spent in a constant state of hunger. I eat the same amount of meals per day (5) but they aren’t enough to hold me over. An hour after lunch and my tummy acts as if it never got food in the first place!
  • I’ve gained weight. Specifically 3 pounds. Not sure if it’s muscle or fat but I could care less either way. I still feel as if I look the same, and my clothes still fit so that’s all that matters to me! Smile I also am still strength training twice or more a week and have increased the weight load once again.
  • The sun is a meanie.


*Or maybe it would be wise to check the expiration date on the sunscreen bottle before applying it to your skin! Mine was about a year and a half past the expiration date, yikes!* Symptoms that accompanied this sunburn include nausea, dizziness, dehydration, cold chills and clammy skin. I’m guessing I had mild case of sun poisoning Sun

Can I take a moment here to say my favorite putting-on-lotion saying: “It puts the lotion on it’s skin, or it gets the hose again!” Open-mouthed smile Hehe. Thank you.

  • Let’s continue- I’m faster. <—this is the one change I’m excited about the most! When registering for my marathon, they asked me when I planned on finishing the race. I was given a choice of:

3 hours
4 hours
5 hours
6 or more hours

I chose 4. And that’s my goal Smile But I will not be disappointed if I finish in 4.5 or something, I really just want to finish the thing!

  • I have trouble staying properly hydrated on long runs. My attempt to fix this: Even when you think you’ve packed enough to drink, pack more! And also invest in a girlie Camelbak Winking smile

crowders mtn 185

That’s Jason’s Camelbak. It is too big for me and I don’t like wearing it because it bounces around on my back and doesn’t fit properly, but it serves it’s purpose! I may start wearing it until I can get a smaller one.

  • Yoga improves my running performance. Since my last injury, I’ve begun taking my after-run stretches seriously. So much so that I usually do about 10 minutes of yoga when I get back home. It ensures that all of my muscles are stretched, and back in their relaxed state. I’ve yet to experience any delayed-onset muscle soreness or have any IT band problems! Hooray for yoga! Open-mouthed smile
  • All this running makes me miss my bike!

Except I miss riding it outside and with Jason Smile

The weather has been so awesome lately and all I have on my mind is bike riding! I’m too much of a wimp to go alone, so maybe one of these weekends he will have some free time to go with me!

I also miss using the bathrooms outdoors…it’s so freeing! Haha just kidding Winking smile

And there goes my growling tummy again! I bet it’s excited for tonight’s dinner (a-hem):

Quinoa stir-fry with pineapple and cashews! Nomnomnom Open-mouthed smile

Better get it started! See ya later taters!

Are there any changes you went through when training for an event? Please share!

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The Story Behind the Shoes

Hey guys!

What a day it has been.

I’ve been up since 5:30 this morning (running on about 4 hours of sleep) Clock! I had to wake up early to register for summer classes, and everyone knows that if you don’t register right away then you will probably not get into any of them. They fill up so fast!

Luckily I was out of bed and ready to click ‘Register’ exactly at 6 a.m. Open-mouthed smile The early bird gets the worm! I was able to register for the three class that I need: Human Anatomy/Physiology, Statistics, and Sociology. All online Open-mouthed smile Yay!

But then I couldn’t go back to sleep. Boo. I decided to make muffins for Jason and cook a pot of grits for myself. And while I ate them, I read this:


That’s right! I finished The Hunger Games last night! It was such a great story, the only thing I have to complain about is that there wasn’t enough action for me towards the end (i.e. killing, drama…things of that sort). Does that make me a sicko? Winking smile 

In other news…

I think it may be time to say “Goodbye” to my running shoes Sad smile


These past few weeks when I’ve gone on a run, my feet have started hurting and it feels as if my toes are touching the ends of my shoes and rubbing against them constantly. It’s pretty uncomfortable. Kind of sad to retire these shoes though.


Are you ready for The Story Behind the Shoes?? Smile

–2008 was the year I first got into running. Not knowing anything about the different types of shoes for runners, I went into Shoe Carnival and bought a pair of Nike running shoes that were on sale for $40. I ran in those shoes for the next year, completing my first 5k and 2 other races in them.

In February of 2009, I realized that running was becoming more than just a form of exercise for me. It was something I was taking seriously, something I wanted to improve in and keep doing for a long, long time.

Sooooo…this was also around the time that Jason and I were trying to find a new couch. On Valentine’s Day he said that we needed to go to Charlotte to look at a couch that he found on Craigslist. I was a bit huffy about it, because Hey! It was Valentine’s Day! and I didn’t want to spend it looking at couches! But he promised me a nice lunch after, so I accepted (duh, it’s food) Winking smileWe drove to Charlotte and he pulled into the parking lot of a running store and said “We’re here.”

Me: “Your buying a couch from a running store?”

Him: “No baby! That was a cover, we are getting you some nice running shoes.”

Me: Crying. “That’s the nicest present anyone has ever given me.”

Him: “If you love running then I want you to have good running shoes so you can keep doing it.”


You get the picture.

It truly was the nicest, most thoughtful present I’ve ever received from someone. I think about that day every time I wear those shoes Smile 

They’ve last two years and I plan on keeping them around for a little longer, but my main focus now is to get some of these!


Eeeeeeeeee!! I can’t wait to have a pair of Vibram’s! I haven’t really looked at the different styles yet, but I will. I don’t plan on running my marathon in them, but I would like to have some for my shorter runs. The research has been done, and these babies are just as effective (if not more) as specifically-designed running shoes. Open-mouthed smile 

Do any of you own a pair? Love them? Hate them? Do tell!

Moving on, today was kind of craptacular.

I got a traffic violation ticket when I was taking Trixie to the park. The thing that really grinds my gears (says Peter Griffin) is that the guy in front of me made the same mistake and they let him go! ARG.

Trixie and I ended up waking off our frustration at the park…


I also took the liberty of making this video of her before we left, so if you have a minute of you life to waste then feel free to watch it! Winking smile I was trying to get her excited to go for a ride by saying “You wanna go out? You wanna go for a ride? Tell me! Tell me!” She used to bark right off the bat, but now she’s used to the game I guess. Clever ol’ dog Dog face

Trixie’s Form of Excitement

Sorry about the part when she licks her crotch and scratches her collar (she hates that thing). That’s kind of out of my control, hehe Nyah-Nyah

That walk and level 3 of the 30 Day Shred is probably all I’m going to do today! My muscles are sore from strength training yesterday. Oh-that reminds me, I got my boot camp results back!

I want to share these with the world just to show that sticking with an exercise regimen really does improve your fitness! These results are from a 6 week time frame:

**The sit-ups and push-ups were timed for one minute**

SIT UPS: PRE TEST: 29 (30%) POST TEST: 31 (40%)
PUSH UPS: PRE TEST: 28(80%)       POST TEST: 32 (85%)
MILE AND ½:  PRE TEST: 14:07 (50%)   POST TEST: 13:02 (65%)


I’m very happy with my results Smile Everyone in the class improved in everything! That’s awesome!

 Have you ever committed to an exercise program for an extended period of time? What was the outcome?

I’ve got to ske-daddle, my study guide is calling my name! And thank you for helping me with marathon-training question! I’ve decided to stick to all of my runs, except for the insanely short ones (like a 2-miler). I’ll switch those up for 20 minutes on a bike or something!

Hope you guys are having a happy Wednesday! It’s almost the weekend, hooray!

crowders mtn 173           

Hands Down…

Hi friends Smile

Arg. I’ve been studying CPT stuff all day and need a little mental break (before I become mental!).

This weekend was so perfect.

The weather, the food, the love, the feeling of accomplishment…just…everything.

Last Friday I completed my last day of boot camp! I can’t believe how fast it went! We did our final fitness assessment and I was very pleased to see that I improved in everything! Especially my running time! On the first day of boot camp, we completed a fitness assessment and I was able to run 1.5 miles in 14:07. This past Friday I ran it in 13:02!!!!!!!!!! Open-mouthed smile Go me!

I also improved my number of sit-ups and push-ups per minute, but do not have those official numbers yet. I should later this week and I will probably post them (? Maybe? If you guys are interested?)

So from the beginning of Friday, I’ve been in the best mood.

While I was babysitting Friday afternoon, Jason and I decided to attend a Dashboard Confessional concert that was being held at a local music hall.


I love Dashboard. I love Chris. This was his solo gig (Swiss Army Romance) and it was the. best. acoustic. concert. eva.



Seriously- the only concert I’ve ever been to that sounded just like it does on the c.d.! He started with Screaming Infidelities and ended with Hands Down (<—my favorite song by them!). He also did Vindicated (my second favorite song!), Best Deceptions and Stolen (<—my third fav. song by them!) Smile 

That’s the non-acoustic version. The acoustic was cool because he had the audience singing it back to him, the crowd was awesome there! [Here is a link to the acoustic version]

Okay- enough music talk! Sorry, I just love music Smile It’s almost the essence of my existence, I can find a piece of myself almost in any song. Plus- music is something to dance to! Note

Moving on- Saturday morning was spent outside since we had such lovely weather this weekend!

I made some muffins out of my Veganomicon cookbook and once they were finished baking, I grabbed The Hunger Games and headed outside to eat!


[BTW- I’m loving this book! It’s going to be such a great movie when it comes out! It’s a bit dark but the action is wonderful and the story behind the characters is great! Go read it! Winking smile

After breakfast, more reading in the sun ensued. First, the dog accompanied me…


…then she got tired and went inside, so the cat came out to keep me company. Cat face


Then Jason came home from work and we decided it was the perfect day to go shopping for our house! We. went. everywhere. And here is what we came home with:

  • Automatic litter box (it cleans itself=awesomeness)
  • New shower caddy (our old one was rusted and gross Nyah-Nyah Blegh)
  • New ceiling fan for our bedroom
  • New jewelry holder for me (yay!)
  • Over-the-door hanger for my purses (Hello, organization)
  • Dog treats for Trixie-bear Smile 
  • New shelves for our storage shed outside

All of that took about 4 hours! (And a lot of walking, my feet hurt by the time we got back)

I made a potato/collard green soup and we settled on the couch for a little Office viewing to finish off our day.

Sunday was lazy!

Jason had homework all day, so I spent most of my time reading and doing whatever I could find to do outside Sun

I walked the dog several times, played basketball in our driveway and finally convinced Jason to join me for a quick 4 mile run on the greenway in the evening! It felt pretty speedy and we ended up sprinting (my idea) the last half-mile to the finish.


(What you don’t see in this pic are the dead gnats that tragically flew into my forehead sweat while running) Ewww…smeared dead bugs on body are never pretty!

My plan called for a 5-miler, but we had to get back so that he could turn in a project before midnight. Sad smile

**Question to all you experienced marathoners:

[My training plan has me doing 3 runs a week, and sometimes I want to do the elliptical instead, or ride the bike. I wanted to ask you guys, does it matter how I get in the mileage? As long as I am running the long distance runs on the weekends? I don’t want to cheat myself out of training, but sometimes I would much rather be climbing stairs for 30 minutes than doing a 3 mile run!]


I’ve got some yoga planned for later on (using my Baron Baptiste instant streaming from Netflix, if you haven’t done the “Long and Lean” yet, it’s a must!)…and I’ve been thinking now that I’m done with boot camp, I am going to incorporate more yoga into my life.

At least twice a week.

And I would also like to be able to do one of these by the end of summer Smile



What about you guys? Any fitness goals you have coming up? Let’s hear it!