With a Rebel Yell…

Hey friend-o’s 😀

I’ve had a week from hell. Exam preparation, rough days at work, and a few sleepless nights…my heart wasn’t into anything I did this week (except for my runs, of course). Friday evening, once I was off work, I took it upon myself to find the loudest, rock-iest (excuse my incorrect grammar) music in my car and just blast it. And sing along, and look like a weirdo to a quite a few people, but I seriously did not care. I needed that.

I’m the type of person that gets annoyed when I can hear other people’s music in their car, but Friday, I was that person. I got a few bad looks from the older folks, but oh well. Sometimes a girl just needs to rock-out without caring about offending someone.

I also went home to a beer and japanese takeout 😀 Yum Yum!

Andddd, my sweet boyfriend also surprised me with flowers too! That made my Friday night even better 🙂

You like my Bertolli vase?? Fancy, isn’t it? Came all the way from the grocery store shelf Italy…it doubles as a jar for pasta sauce as well 😉

This morning I woke up to get ready for the last 5k with my Girls on the Run! Only 5 members were able to make it to this race, but we still had fun. They did much better than the last 5k and I’m sooooo proud of them.

That’s the closest semi-good picture you are gonna get. Try calming down 5 excited girls that are ready to run their cute little hearts out and see what kind of pic ya get 😀

The race went great! It was very hot and very crowded, so as soon as we were done I got outta there, grabbed myself an iced coffee and took off my sweat-soaked t-shirt, only to drive home in my sports bra…HA. Lately I haven’t really been caring what people think. Perhaps it’ s the rebellious phase that I never went through in my teens that is sneaking up on me?? 😀

After arriving home, taking a much needed shower and fixing myself a snack, I began to notice that Trix was practically falling all over herself trying to get my attention. She probably was laying in the position above for a good five minutes before I took the time to notice!

I wanted some time with my pup! I gave her a nice, long belly rub and leashed her up for a walk.

It was just what we both needed. Guess what?!

As of Monday, I will be done with this semester! Only one more until I graduate (woot woot!). Jason and I are rewarding ourselves with a trip to Charleston, SC this coming weekend and I’m so freakin’ excited!! I shall take pics and I shall do a bloggie recap of course. You will see me before then though, now that I will have more free time in my schedule (again, woot woot).

Okay, okay! Let’s get down to the Subway gift card winners!

The winners are:                                                

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Max: 19

Result: 5

Min: 1

Max: 19

Result: 16

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Comment #5 and #16! Congrats Meghan and Lauren! Shoot me an email and I’ll get those giftcards to ya!

Okay ladies (and gents??? nah, probably not) there is a bowl of ice cream and some comfy cotton pj’s calling my name. Better get going!

Oh, and ah hem…little did I know that the half-marathon that I signed up for in June is a trail half-marathon. YIKES! Too late to back out now, only makes me want to train harder 😀

Love ya bloggies ❤

Giveaway, Giveaway, Giveaway!

Hey friends!

SO sorry about my absence…it’s been crunchtime at school, which translates into me not having any time for crunches…or blogging for that matter!

During these last couple of weeks, I’ve had cute lunch dates:

..Anddddd Jason even celebrated a birthday! The big 2-5 😀

…even the animals got into it a little….

…..or not.

I even was successful at making an upside-down pineapple cake! It was the “easy kind”, but still 😉

‘Twas good and fun!

Yesterday was the last day of class, so I decided that my friends and I should go out to breakfast to celebrate (and maybe load up on coffee for our study session). Where to go? Where to go?


The lovely folks at Subway sent me a giftcard so that I could try out their new breakfast menu, let me be the first to say that I think the ‘breakfast menu’ idea is freakin awesome. Subway is always my go-to place if I’m in a hurry and don’t have a lunch. And I’m not just saying that because they sent me a giftcard! I’m saying that becuase it’s true! It’s a quick, healthy meal when you are out and about.

So, we walked in and took a look over the menu. They offer a:

  •  steak/cheese/egg sandwich
  • western egg white muffin melt (with only 4g of fat) 
  • a variety of toppings (think loads of veggies!!!!!!)
  • a choice of a wheat english muffin, a flatbread sandwich or you may have it on a sub.
  • A lot of these sandwiches are under 300 calories!

I ordered the egg white and cheese english muffin with spicy mustard, a little mayo and tons and tons of veggies:

 loved the chewiness of the english muffin (and the fact that it was wheat!). I also loved the fact that I could pick any toppings that I want, and that they gave me a choice between egg whites or regular egg. They really do let you build your own breakfast! The coffee was hot and delicious.

My lovely friends ordered the western egg white muffin and loooovveeeeddd it. Not to mention that all of us ate their for under $10! How awesome is that?! They have apple slices, hashbrowns and yogurt as a choice for sides. But I pulled out my handy-dandy naner that was stashed in my purse. The sandwich kept me full until half past 12, and I ate at 8 in the morning. Hello, protein 😀 I will definitely be going back.

And now you can have a chance to experience a Subway breakfast too! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post! I’ll announce TWO winners (choosing by random interger) after my last Girls On the Run race on Saturday!

See ya soon bloggies!

PS. Guess who has another half-marathon on June 5th??  😉