Metabolic Testing Hulabaloo

Hola chicas! 😀  

I’ve had such a fun weekend, so I thought I’d hop on and tell ya bout it.  

My college was hosting a health fair on Saturday and I was in charge of running the metabolic testing room!  


We were extremely slow when the fair first started, but after an hour of standing around, I finally got some takers! And the list kept growing from there on out 🙂 Allow me to demonstrate what exactly metabolic testing is….  


You lie back on a chair in a relaxed, comfy position. You then place a breathing tube in your mouth and seal off your nose with a very uncomfortable nose clamp. At first, your body sort of goes into this “OH NO! I can’t breathe!” -mode but you just have to try and relax and regulate your breathing through your mouth.  

Next, the opposite end of the breathing tube is hooked to the metabolic testing machine (as seen below). The person doing the testing starts the machine, turns on zen-like music, turns off the lights and leaves you in there breathing into the machine for about 10 minutes (for women, that is. It takes a longer amount of time for men!)  


The machine will beep when it is done. The test administrator keys in the persons age, height, weight and gender and then like magic, it prints out a ton of information, including:  

  • Whether or not the person has a slow, normal or fast metabolism
  • How many calories a day the person burns just sitting and doing nothing (otherwise known as your Resting Energy Expenditure)
  • How many calories a day the person can burn with 30 minutes of exercise
  • How many calories a day the person can burn with normal daily activities
  • What calorie range to stay in if the person wishes to maintain their weight
  • What calorie range to stay in if the person wants to lose weight
  • What calorie range to stay in if the person wants to gain weight
  • BMI
  • Factors that can increase the persons metabolism


I’d have to say, it’s freakin’ awesome!  Every person I tested responded with: “I can’t believe my body burns that much when I’m not doing anything!” or “This is so useful!!”. And I probably tested about 12 people, and even 1 man! The first ever to do the metabolic testing 🙂  

Men typically have higher metabolisms (and higher calorie expenditure), which is why, I’m assuming,  the machine takes longer to calculate their statistics. If you have a metabolic testing site near you, seriously, GO DO IT. I’ve done the test twice: once last year and then again on Saturday.  

I learned that I have a fast metabolism, I burn around 1900 kcals a day without physical activity or daily activity added in, I have a healthy BMI and that I also need to be consuming over 2,000 calories a day. Compared to last year when I had a slightly above normal metabolism, was burning around 1400 a day and needed to be consuming 1900 kcals a day. I guess all this exercise and training is making a difference!  

After my last “customer” I headed back into my classroom and stole a couple of cookies for a snack before heading home 😉  


 Jas and I ended up at the gym a bit later for an 30 minute strength training session. I was pooped after that! After all, I had gotten up at 6:30 for the health fair and my body was really feeling tired and worn out. I took the rest of the day easy…and spent my Sunday like this: 


Not one of my prettiest moments as you can see. I literally spent all day in my pj’s, vegging out on the couch and mumbling under my breath at the Food Network cooks 😀 Sometimes a girl just needs a day like that! There was a run that had been planned but I gave up all hope as soon as I saw the dark, stormy sky. Didn’t try to fight it. It was meant for me to spend all day in my pj’s 😉 

It was up-an-at’em Monday morning for school! I knew I’d be working all morning in the kitchen at the hospital so I cooked up a mean breakfast that would keep me full: 

 Eggs in a basket is that the name?? with hotsauce, and grapes on the side. Along with coffee of course. Then it was off to school for me! I spent the next four hours up to my elbows in meat. We prepared all kinds of meat including meatloaf, pureed chicken, hamburger steaks and fried chicken.


As I was coating the chicken with a crunchy topping, I made a pouty face and said “Poor chicken.”

The cook replied: “What are you? A vegetarian?”

Me: “Yep.”

Him: “Those poor soybeans.” HA. Very funny 😀

After school it was time to go home for a quick lunch before coaching Girls on the Run. I heated leftover chili in the microwave, topped it with cheese and sour cream and dipped a few blue corn tortilla chips in there for a little crunch.


Time to leave again! (I stay busy on Monday and Wednesdays!) Girls on the Run practice went great! I can’t wait to see them accomplish their first 5k 😀 😀

When practice was over, I drove home, gave Trixie a quick walk, worked on some homework and waited on Jas to get home so we could go for a 5 mile run. The sky was kinda dark and thunder-y but we still went. I’m glad we did because my body felt totally re-energized after a weekend of rest!

The run went great! We chit-chatted and once home, I made a quick dinner because there was a math test that needed to be completed before 12 AM and I take forever on a math test.

We feasted on spicy roasted red potatoes, roasted garlic asparagus and black bean burgers. Nom nom nom. There may have been a beer in there at some point too 😉

Like my smileys?? 🙂 Twas good and filling.

Before testing, I decided to take a few moments to enjoy my latest dessert fetish:  

  PB&Co. the Bee’s Knee’s with dark chocolate for dipping..mmmm…sooo good. It’s just the bee’s knees, I tell ya what 😀 <—HAR HAR

Then it was test time! It took me 3.5 hours to take a 30 question test told you that I take forever!! but I made a 95 on it!!! Woot woot! I think it’s funny that Jason was getting impatient with my computer-hogging lol. What a nerd 😀

 Now, seeing as how it is Tuesday..and we’ve gotten through the case of Mondays already..why not do a little daydreaming to get you through today?? The question is: What would you do with a million dollars?

I’ll go first!

If I had a million dollars I would first pay off my car and school expenses.

Then I would donate money to the NC school physical education to help fund them and keep the programs going! I would also donate money to a local treasure, Holy Angels. They are an awesome, awesome establishment in our community.

I’d save a lot of it for a house.

And treat myself (and Jason and Trixie) to a much needed getaway, probably somewhere tropical 😉  That’s what I would do!

What would you do? 😀

FitBloggin10 Recap: Part 2

Hey there!

I hope everyone’s week is flying by like mine is 😀 I finally have a moment to sit down and breathe, so I thought I’d show my blog a little lovin’ 😉

Here comes Part 2 of FitBloggin!

Sunday morning I woke up suuuppperrrr early so I could take advantage of all the fitness classes that they had scheduled 🙂 It’s like a free fitness class, people! <—My gym doesn’t offer any type of classes at all, so I get excited about free ones 😉 Though I only had 4.5 hours of sleep, I felt wide awake and ready to start workin out.

First up: Yoga.

Promise I’m not asleep. Or am I?? You can decide 😀

Yoga lasted for an hour, then we jumped right into 30 Minute Bootcamp Solutions with Jessica Smith.

Holy moly. Let me just say: I was not prepared for the intensity of this workout! Within the first 10 minutes, I was a sweaty, mushy pulp. Think Jillian Micheals meets the Army.  Jessica made it fun with music and phrases like “Come on! Give me 10 more! You can do it!” Lurrrrvvveee it 😀

I was planning to leave after bootcamp ended, but then this vibrant, loud Spanish guy came into the room and immediately grabbed my attention. What could this be about?? <–is what I wonder.

Martial Fusion (a.k.a. a mix of martial arts and dancing)!!!!! I’m sold. Just give me a minute to snack on a banana and guzzle a bottle of water 😉

So, another hour of working out passed…but it was sooooo fun!

Maybe it was the fact that I had just worked out for 2.5 hours, or maybe it was the fact that I was delirious from lack of sleep, but I felt freakin’ awesome after the last class ended. My confidence and strength were soaring sky high 😀

With a little pep in my step, I headed back to the room to see if my two sleepy-head roomates were up yet. They were! Katy already had breakfast plans, but Whit was free to go to Starbucks with me. The shower would have to wait cos I was a starvin marvin.

Grande iced coffee with skim milk and….

..Starbucks perfect oatmeal with all the fixins’.  Gone in about 2 minutes flat.

Ha 😀 It’s always fun to take pics of other people taking pics!

From there, it was back to the room for the shower that I desperately needed, then out for a day of ‘splorin with the girls! Joining Whit and I were Casey and Julie.

We took a walk along the water and saw a couple of boats:

…an old lighthouse that is now over land…

..and I could probably show you 1,000 different pictures of water..but I’m pretty sure they all look the same 😀 We continued to walk along the water and LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH that a five-story bookstore?? Have I died and gone to heaven?? The answer is: HELL YES! Get me in there A.S.A.P. I have to see this for myself.

Oh gah..I’m in love. There were tunnels that were in the middle of the store that went all the way up to the 5th floor and a winding staircase that made me just want to squeal with excitement! 😀

Forget my flight. I’m already home. After having my small conniption, the girls and I looked around and wouldn’t you know that the first place we browsed was the “Diet” section! I can’t believe some of the crazy diets that are out there today. The future Registered Dietician in me just wants to rip all of them off the wall and use them for a bon fire! (But not in my beloved bookstore 😉 )

But I did end up finding this little treasure:

I shall review once I have it finished. Moving on: we were getting a tad bit hungry with all this walking around so we found a cute spot named “Pizzaz” that had outdoor seating…and vegan food!

I ordered a non-vegan salad that had avocado, feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, black olives and red onion. With a side of fries 😀 Gotta have my carbs.

My lunch dates:

(Note to self: invest in sunglasses)

Lunch was pretty good, but dessert was da bomb! And it was vegan 😀

Chocolate Mint Cake

…and Peanut Butter Chocolate cake…

YUMMO. Split four ways, it was the perfect amount to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Sadly, after lunch, we had to get back to the hotel so Whit and I could catch a cab to the airport. All of the activities of the day were starting to wear on me. My body was feeling worn down and low on fuel, screaming “Rest me! Rest me!”

We arrived at the airport, made it through security and I proceeded to conk out on a chair beside our terminal.

One turbulent plane ride later and maybe 3 small panic attacks later…I was back in my hometown with the boyfriend. I said my good-byes to Whitney and then talked Jasons head off about the trip during the 40 minute trip home. My body was overly tired now. It felt like my legs weighed 500 pounds, every step I took was a huge effort. My eyes were droopy and I was getting a little grumpy and hungry at that.

On the way home, we stopped by our favorite watering hole for some beer and pizza!

The beer made me feel better 😉

And a few kisses from the guy did too!

Pizzzzaaaaaa! No other words for that. The garden pizza is our usual and it is always de-licious 😀

I was glad to get to bed that night asleep by 9:00. However, I was really sad to leave Baltimore. I love the water, the atmosphere, the bookstore, the food, the people, the bookstore, the walkability of the city, and the bookstore. It was a fun, fun time and I really hope I can make it to next years FitBloggin! 😀

(Can you spot me?? :D)

Lot’s of stuff going on this weekend! I’m helping out with metabolic testing at our college health fair this Saturday, and then Jason and I have a 12 mile run planned! T minus 3 weeks until my half-marathon! Woot woot. What do you have going on this weekend??

PS. Is it sad to say that my favorite part of the whole trip was going into that bookstore?? <–TOTAL NERD :p

FitBloggin10 Recap Part 1

FitBloggin10 was a great success!

It was so much fun 😀

I think I am officially in lurve with the city of Baltimore and all of the bloggies that I met too. All of the girls were great, all of the sponsors were beyond great and the experience was just amazing. Let’s start with Friday night:

After a successful (<—successful meaning I didn’t manage to puke) airplane ride, Whit and I got our baggage and boarded the shuttle that would take us to the hotel. Guess who was on there?! Ali 😀 (Just so ya know, Whit let out a loud, girlie scream when she saw Ali that scared the bee-Jesus out of me) We all decided to get checked and in and get some food before we starved to death.

There was a swanky little Mexican eatery around the corner from our hotel called Talara’s. Ali and I ordered Negro Modelo’s to start out with:

Yum. Cold beer makes Stacey a happy girl 😉 They ended up splitting the $5 tapas that were on special, I ended up ordering a vegetarian panini with fries 😀 It was either that or some sort of rice and bean mixture, so the veggies won!

I ate all of the sandwich and half of the fries…it was pretty yummy, kind of oily though.

After lunch we went back to the hotel to get ready for the night! POM was hosting a cocktail party for everyone upstairs so this was our chance to get all dressed up! Here is the dress:

(Sorry for the bluriness!) Ok. You guys, I am totally not used to wearing a dress. You can find me in workout clothes probably 5 out of the 7 days that are in a week. High heels? Not my thing. Skin tight hooker dresses? Not my thing. Despite the dress being adorable (because it is!), I was so uncomfortable all night!! It only took me an hour and I was back in jeans 😀 Oh well, I guess they aren’t meant for everyone.

Upstairs was jam packed with ladies lining up for cocktails, so the girls and I decided to go down into the bar on the first floor for some drink action. I casually ordered a screwdriver:

‘Twas gone in about 3 minutes flat. I spent some time mingling at the party and joined Whit and a few others for a bar crawl. We didn’t really end up staying in one place long enough to have a drink, everywhere was so crowded! I decided to head back to the hotel, get into my jammies and call it a night.


Saturday mornin’ we were up-and-at-it for the FitBloggin 5k! The folks from New Balance were beyond generous in giving us a free pair of shoes to review! 

I figured, why not run in them?? Just to test them out? So I threw on some running clothes, my new shoes and headed out the door with my roomies:

The weather was gorgeous, even at 6:30 AM!! I’m pretty sure I talked Whit and Katy’s heads off about how pretty the scenery was. The run was right by the water and it was fabulous. And guess what?! I even beat a PR time on this 5k!!!!! We finished in 28:20 😀 A little over a minute faster than old PR time! I think it helps to run with friends 😀


As for the shoes, they were very comfy but they didn’t have the high-arch support like the ones that I usually run in. I’m not really sure I would run in these again, but I am definitely going to use them for walking/hiking shoes (ahem, wearing them right now).

Everyone congratulated everyone else on doing an awesome run, then it was shower—>breakfast—>seminar time.

Breakfast was provided by Quaker oats 😀

The only thing that was missing was the peanut butter!

There were several great seminars throughout the day:

….including: Junk Science: How to Critically Evaluate Research….

From Blog to Book: How to get Published…

and Using Social Media to Reach Goals. Then it was lunchtime!

Another vegetarian panini (!) with a delicious cup of mushroom soup with pumpernickel croutons…the soup was to die for. So good. Dessert consisted of a fruit plate with a small Jell-O shot, minus the liquor 😉

A bunch of us decided to head out for an after-lunch walk to soak up the atmosphere of Baltimore (and some vitamin D as well 😉 )

Picture courtesy of Anne!


We walked for about 30 minutes then it was time to head back for the last 2 seminars and a closing session from David Grotto. I skipped the post conference reception and the book signing. Instead, I went back to the room took my shoes off, lay on the bed and called my mom and boyfriend :D. A girl starts to miss familiar voices after a while, know what I mean?? 😉

After chillaxing for an hour or so, I realized how bad I wanted to be outside!! <—Seriously in love with Baltimore. I decided to venture out to find some take-out for dinner. I came upon a Lebonese place two blocks from our hotel, it held the promise of vegetarian food! I ordered the Vegetarian Mezza, and since I can’t pronounce anything that was in it, I took a pic for you guys 🙂 

I sat by the river while I waited for my food:

How beautiful is that sunset?! Very beautiful, I would say 😀 As weird as it sounds, sunsets are kind of a spiritual experience for me..especially when I see a sunset over water.

Once I was back at the hotel I eagerly opened up my dinner!

Where to start?! I’ve never had Lebonese food before…but I quickly learned that it is amazing! I ate EVERYTHING off of the plate…and the fried/breaded things were the most delicious of course 😉

Ugh. I was stuffed. Like pop-a-button-on-my-pants stuffed. But not too stuffed for a blondie from the cafe in the hotel lobby 😀

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day 🙂

The sun was setting and it was time for me to relax and get myself ready for Day 2 of FitBloggin!

Stay tuned to find out what I did on my favorite day of the whole trip 😀

Unchartered Territory

Hey strangers!

I am sooo glad to be able to actually sit down at a computer for something other than homework! 😀 This past week was the busiest school week I’ve had all year. There were hospital clinicals for school, coaching for Girls on the Run, working out and a field trip to Queens University for the Charlotte Dietetic Association meeting this past Thursday. Phew. It’s exhausts me just typing all of that!

I love, love, love going to the CDA meeting. It’s so interesting (and educational at the same time 😉 )!

Some of the topics were the latest trends in bariatric surgery..

….what we need to know about Vitamin D deficiency

..the other topics included: Battling growth of childhood obesity, RD public policy and Nutrigenomics (the science of the future) <—still trying to wrap my brain around the last one! I feel like I learned so much..or maybe it is just because it lasted from 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon?? 😀

Friday seemed to fly by and here is Saturday 🙂 I shall start my day here:

This morning I slid out of bed and started a pot of Breakfast Blend coffee for Jas and I. While that was trickling, I grabbed my recipe book out of the desk to see if any would catch my eye for our pre-run breakfast.

Peanut Butter Pancakes!

I used the recipe for a base and modified most of it to my liking 😀 Here is what I used:

  • 1 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 6 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 1/4 cup almond milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 1/4 cup Bee’s Knees (PB&Co.) PB

These came out a little different than I expected. Jason declared his love for them right off the bat, but I think it could use a little tweeking. Next time I would probably use chunky peanut butter, and the almond milk definitely made a difference in consistancy and thickness…but that’s not something I think I’d change, just the pb 😉

But anything is good with hot blackberry jam and strawberries on top!!

And coffee of course 😀

Yummmm. ‘Twas good 🙂 And very filling.

Jason and I waited an hour or so for our food to settle, then we set out to our starting point for a 10-11 mile run! We took a banana, raisins, Cliff bar and fig newtons for fuel. (I like to have choices!)

And look! I got to wear the Camelbak! Not sure why that excites me .

I had a run mapped out that went through Cramerton, into downtown Belmont (a neighboring town), through a park and back up through Cramerton. I wish I could have taken pics to show you guys! The scenery was great. And the weather was just perfect 😀 The pack of raisins came out about mid-run and I’m not sure how long it took us, but we did between 10.5-11 miles!! Yay 🙂 I was so proud of us that when we got back to the car I did a little jump for joy…

I felt a-mazing after our run. Like the strongest woman in the world or something 😀 I think long runs are starting to become my “thing” 😉

We stretched, hobbled to the car and started the drive back to the house. On the way, I stopped for one of these:

Since the rain was holding off, I suggested that we do a picnic lunch in the park with Trixie…and he agreed! As long as I could pack lunch really, really fast because we were hungry 😉

We came home and I threw together some sandwiches, fruit and chips with hummus for us and then we headed off with the dog in tow. My “lunch” (it was already 4 o’clock at this point) consisted of a banana, a sandwich made with hummus, pickle, tomato, mixed greens, colby jack cheese and spicy mustard…nom nom nom.

Please use your imagination and add about 2 tablespoons of pb and a couple handful of wheat thins too 😀 I was a hungry gal.

To let our food digest, we took Trixie for a slow, leisurely walk around the park…and then went for ice cream at Bruesters!

They have an item called a “Doggy Sundae”. The put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a bowl with a Milkbone stuck in the middle 🙂 It’s free if you bring your dog up there! How cute is that?!

She hated it. I pretty much had to force-feed it to her 😉

I got a small scoop of the Oreo:

..mmmmmmmmm….it was creamy and delicious just like an Oreo is.

It’s strange, but my leg muscles felt better after eating the ice cream. I think my body is trying to tell me that I need more ice cream in my life 😀 Yep, that’s what it’s doing.

Looks like we finished just in time! It’s pouring outside and I think I even saw a lightening bolt or two, yikes! Jas and I are going to finish up the 5th season of LOST and maybe rock out with some Guitar Hero 😀

There is pizza dough thawing on the counter…I’m thinking a vegetarian bbq pizza?? We shall see! Hope you guys are having a great weekend! See ya later taters 🙂

P.S. Next week is FitBloggin! Can I getta ‘woot woot’ if you are going?? Woot woot.  😀

New Miles, New Beer, Good Food

G’mornin! 😀

Well, the weekend is over and it’s back to reality. Jason and I have a great weekend filled with new records, new beers and new dreams 😀 How did your’s go??

We started our weekend with a 9 mile run on Saturday morning! The farthest I’ve ever run was 8 miles when I was training for a half-marathon last year, so it felt really great to get out there and go the distance (so to speak 😉 )

We headed to the greenway to run it twice.

As you can see, the weather was be-a-u-ti-ful. It stayed in the 60’s all weekend! We were so excited! The first part of the run went really well, nothing new for my legs, but once we got to the second part…and around mile 8 my hips and left knee were getting sore and I could feel myself slowing down.

Jason handed me the box of raisins that I had brought for a mid-run snack, and after popping them into my mouth, I was immediately re-energized and ready to finish the run! [I swear by raisins as fuel for a workout! They have just the right amount of sugar and carbs to keep your body going, and to give you the boost that you need! Plus, they’re natural!]

We finished! I was so proud of us 😀 I know nine miles isn’t 20 or anything, but it still is a new record for me (and Jason)! And as far as the debate went, I kinda am siding with Jason on this one: you just have to get out there and do it. I knew that my body was capable of it, but I guess it’s not necessary to have a training plan all the time 🙂 <–is my opinion 😉

After stretching for a good 5-10 minutes, we were on a mission….for food. Good food. Our favorite food.

H&M Deli!

I walked in already knowing what I was going to get, and while waiting for it, we participated in a beer tasting. No pics though 😦 Free beer makes me forget that my camera is hanging off my shoulder, haha 😉 We did end up buying a case of one of samples! A few Flying Dogs and Raging Bitches left with us <—name of the beer, folks 😀

I had to remind myself to not inhale my food when it came out. If you guys are ever in Cramerton (why would you be?? I dunno) you have to go here! I ordered the Pesto Foccocia sandwich:

Inside that heavenly sandwich is let me try to remember it all : avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese, onion, mixed greens and a spinach-artichoke mayo spread…that is to.die.for.

It is a messy, ooey, gooey mess…but that doesn’t matter. I don’t mind getting my fingers sticky and yucky for some good food 😀 FYI: I licked the aluminum foil clean once the sandwich was gone 😉

Jas and I also split a bag of chips…

…and a piece of fudge-covered carrot cake!

Yum. YUM.

The rest of the day was spent in our jammies. Don’t you just love days like that?? 🙂 Jason didn’t have too much homework, so we watched LOST and Paper Heart <—(I have the hugest crush on Micheal Cera!!!!! Gah. I just love him).


Sunday was spent recovering from Saturday 😀

We took Trixie for a walk and went to Cramerton to “look” at houses that are for sale. Just for fun, ya know?? 😉

We decided to go to Panera for lunch since we were already out and about!

I ordered the Fuji Chicken Salad minus the chicken, at the recommendation of a friend that works there 😀

‘Twas yummy! I’m pretty sure he hooked me up on the fixin’s though! Thanks friend-o 🙂 (Along with was a Diet Pepsi and half of one of their huge chocolate chip cookies)

We also went to the phone store so I could replace mine (dropped it in milk…don’t ask) and then we went to look at more houses 😀

Aww…I made Meatless Manicotti for dinner but can’t find the pics anywhere 😦 It was really good too! I found the recipe here.


If there was anything to be learned from this weekend it was this:

  1. I love long runs 😀 😀
  2. I love good food.
  3. I love planning a future with my guy 😀 😀
  4. I am already ready for next weekends 10.5 miler!!

Bring it on! Off to school I go! It’s time for our mid-semester evaluations…ugh. Wish me luck 😀

The Great Training Debate

Hey friends! 😀

I’m feeling a lot better than I was a few days ago..still a bit “off” but not as bad 🙂

Guess what?! I am now officially registered for the Charlotte Racefest Half Marathon on April 10th!!!!!

So excited!!!

This will be my first half-marathon 😀

Now, you guys know that I have been training for this [and when I say “training”, what I really mean is: running whenever I can, for as long as time will allow]….I’m thinking maybe all of you experienced half-marathoners out there can shed some light on the debate that Jason and I have going on.

In the Stacey-Jason household, there is a very big training debate that I feel we need some third-party advice for. Jas and I are kind of at a disadvantage because the race is a little over 4 weeks away and neither of us have done a run longer than 8 miles before. My weekly miles usually total between 7-12…and Jason’s usually total about 8-ish.

We haven’t been training properly because he has been sick, then I have been sick, then the weather has been bad, or we’ve been stuck inside with too much dang homework.

Yesterday I went on to the Runner’s World website and printed out a 4 week training plan that had me doing 18-25 miles a week. Jason thinks this is ridiculous. His arguement is that I am going to wear myself out by running 4 times a week and be much more prone to get an injury before the race. He thinks we should do one looonnnggg run every weekend before the race and just not worry about speed when the actual race-day comes.

I have to agree with that last part: It’s not very realistic for me to try and be Speedy McQueen out there on the course when I only have 4 weeks to train! I think we should just focus on finishing the race…and the next one we can worry about speed 😀

What do you guys think?? 

Last year I was training for a half-marathon and was running 20-25 miles a week. One day, after an 8-mile run, I realized I had pulled a groin muscle in both my legs. Who knows if it was the training, or maybe I wasn’t stretching right, or maybe it was because I decided to do a 30-Day Shred the day after??? Needless to say, that ended my running for about 3 months.

If you have ever trained for a long-distance run, how did you do it? Or, if you have trained for a half-marathon in a short amount of time, what were your strategies?? Do you think Jas and I should stick to the plan, or run a long distance run every weekend until the race?

I’d really like to hear from all you runners out there! This is my first half and I want to do it the right way, without injury this time 😀

Thanks for your input!

Sick Day Regimen..

It’s official: I am sick. And right now I  feel like procrasting homework blogging. Here are the necessities of a sick day, for me at least 😉

Make sure you get lots and lots of FoodNetwork. So when you are well, you will have a new recipe idea in mind! [Total cooking-show addict speaking at the moment] Plus, The Neelys may take your mind off your bummy self AND give you a little giggle or two 😀

Of course, if you get tired of watching people cook great-looking food, you can always opt out for some mind-numbing reality show action…such as…..

One episode and I was hooked. I even have Jason wanting to watch it!

Oh, don’t forget to have a box of tissues, a bag of cough drops and your cell phone near at all times.

The reasons for the cough drops and tissues are obvious. Your phone is so you can text your boyfriend/husband/friend/whoever to let them know how bad you feel, that you just sneezed, that there is no way you can cook dinner for anyone tonight….so on and so forth. Keep it to a minimum of 60 messages though, you don’t want to annoy them 😉 

If you are sick, you will also need lots fruit (for the vitamins!)..

..and since you are already in the kitchen snacking on fruit, why not whip up a Green Monster while you are at it??

[Sorry for the brightness, it was taken with my old camera]:D

Allow yourself to take frequent naps with a furry animal..

or stuffed animal if your cat is too busy cleaning himself and the dog is too old to jump on the bed 😉

After your nap, you may want a little sugar to wake you up. If your boyfriend is at work and can’t give you any sugar, you’ll have to settle for the next best thing:

Girl scout cookies with chocolate syrup. ‘Nuff said.

If you get sick of watching TV, you can alwasy provide yourself a mug of hot tea and a few light reading materials:

Dare I say that I like reading my textbooks?!? I guess that is a sign that I am going into the right profession 🙂 [And the FitnessRx is for the workouts they have! I learn something everytime I get a copy!]

If all else fails, you can always call your mom and complain, stalk your friends on Facebook or watch bad Lifetime movies on the telly 😀 Whatever floats your boat.

But, let me warn you…since you are too weak to be standing around and cooking in the kitchen, you may have to survive off of your boyfriends specialty grilled cheese with canned soup for a few nights. Beware! Just remember, those grilled cheese sandwiches and bowls of canned soup are made with 100% love.




 Hey there 🙂

Gosh, that weekend went by fast, no? I can’t believe it’s already Monday night.

Jas and I spent so much time doing homework this weekend, the only “us” time we had together was our date night on Sunday. Our day started out with fab-u-lous oats:

In this bowl:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup vanilla soy milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • chai seeds
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 Cliff Zbar S’more
  • 1 tsp pb
  • 1 tsp blackberry jam

..with coffee of course ;)…all on top of my algebra homework.

This bowl was so filling. I went 5 hours without any hunger cues whatsoever!  I spent the morning with my calculator and my laptop. The 6 hours spent was worth it because I totally made an A on my homework 😀 At 2-ish, I realized I should probably eat so I whipped up an easy lunch:

A Smartdog, vegetarian baked beans and grapes. Nothing fabulous, but it served it’s purpose. I also had one of these for dessert:

These intrigued me while I was grocery shopping. Caramel? Mousse?60 calorie dessert? What’s not to love, right?? The texture..that’s what! Maybe I had different expectations for it in my mind, or maybe I just wasn’t thinking of a “mousse-y” texture when I picked it up….either way, I hated the texture. It was like air. I felt like I was eating nothing. The flavor was good, but it was gone in a matter of minutes…leaving my dessert craving still raging. Oh well!

After dessert, time to get ready for our date!

First, we went to Target to go lamp shopping 😀 I know it sounds corny, but I love doing stuff like that together. Doing couple-y things makes me happy 🙂 <—–Cheeessseeeballll.


We decided to have dinner at Thai House. I wanted some fried tofu. The place is soooo dark, so these are the only pics I was able to get!

Ummmmm…I promise there are veggies under the fried tofu 😉 In fact, there are cucumbers, tomatoes, red and green peppers, onion, mushrooms and zucchini. All in a pool of sweet-n-sour sauce

 Oh, and there was steamed brown rice in the mix too 😀 And you see that beer glass on the far right? That, my friend, was a Sierra Nevada that Jas and I shared. And how sexy do I look with that big hunk of food in my cheek? Uber-sexy, I know 😉

 After stuffing our faces finishing dinner, it was time for the movie! We went to see……….dun-da-da-dun-dunnnnn, dun-da-da-dun-dunnnnn, dun-da-da-dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn:


Shutter Island! Doesn’t that make you want to shutter? Enough with the bad jokes 😀 That’s my “ooohhhh this might be scary” -face.

[Side-note: Got the jacket at Forever21 for $12!!!!!!!!!! It was marked down from $45…who loves a good bargain?? This girl.]

The movie was really clever and kept me on the edge of my seat. I could do without the blood, but otherwise it was great! Leo DiCaprio is a great actor, though he always looks like a kid put in grown-up clothes in every movie, haha 😀

Now, I am “ashamed”…..or, I guess I should say that I am having the “non-exercise guilt” right now. I’ve been feeling so tired lately. Jas and I both got up before 8 on Saturday and Sunday so we could do homework. He has been sick, so he was super tired and weak to begin with. The only time we did a work out was on Saturday for 45 minutes. Here is what we did:

  • 100 crunches
  • 50 left/right side oblique crunches
  • 3×10 lat pulldowns (65 lbs)
  • 3×10 v-pulldowns (50 lbs)
  • 3×10 bicep curls (25 lbs)
  • 3×10 military press (45 lbs)
  • 3×10 rowing machine (50 lbs)

..and then we had planned to do cardio but we were so weak. It took all of our strength just to get through that last exercise. We left the gym and I silently promised myself I would run 6 miles on Sunday..because I really wanted to get out and run.

Well, the run never happened either. I spent much more time on homework than planned and before I knew it, it was time to get ready for our date night. When Jas and I got home from the movie, I lay on the couch and started watching FoodNetwork love of my life and I fell asleep while talking to him.

This morning, I woke up after he had left for work. This week is our “Spring Break” at school so I didn’t have school. The only plans I had were to meet my mom for lunch, coach and then the gym. As the day went on I felt more and more sick. Sore throat, watery eyes, weak and tired…needless to say, the gym didn’t happen today either. You guys ever have an off-week??

I can’t say that it doesn’t bother me that I haven’t done cardio in three days. It does. Tremendously. Help me feel better about my exercise mishaps!

Do you guys feel this way when you miss a workout, or 3 in a row?? Hope I’m not the only one!

Ugh. I need to drink some sleepy-time tea and curl up under a fluffy blanket. See ya Wednesday 😀

[Edited to add: It’s a few days later and I guess my body knew what it was doing. I left work sick yesterday and am still recouperating. I don’t care that I haven’t been to the gym in 4 days, I just wanna get better so I CAN go running or to the gym! Thanks for the support :D]