A Weekend of Sin

-ful food, that is! Haha 🙂

I’m back from the beach! I can’t believe how quickly it went by, kind of like we never even went! Oh well, that’s a mini-vacation for ya. It was very fun (most of the fun being had in the car 🙂

I shall start from the beginning:

On Friday Jas and I made a simple dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup before heading out at 7:30 (pm). Oh, and on Friday at work, I also tried this Dipped Cliff Mojo bar..half jelly and half vanilla pb..

Meh. Didn’t do anything for me. It was wayyy to salty for my taste, with that being said, I don’t think I’m gonna give the other Mojo’s a try.

So anywho, back on subject. After loading the car and eating dinner, we set out on the 4.5 hour drive. I felt really bad leaving my Trixer behind because it was storming at the time and she hates storms 😦 She kept trying to follow us out to the car! Talk about a guilt trip! But Jason finally drug me away, and we hit the road!Apparantly, I stayed like this too long, because I ended up falling asleep for most part of the trip. Occasionally I would wake up and ask Jas if he was still ok to drive, or if he was getting sleepy, but then I would fall back to sleep. We finally reached Carolina Beach and went over a draw bridge that was so loud sounding, it woke me up.

When we arrived at our hotel to see that they had put us beside the laundry room, we quickly upgraded to a much larger room that was closer to the beach 🙂 Then we went to bed.


I woke up at a ridiculously early hour (no idea why!)..I spent most of my time that morning reading traveler’s brochures until Jas stirred in bed. Honestly, I felt like crap. Sort of that feeling you get when you barely sleep, but you feel so sleepy that you almost feel wide awake??? Me feeling like crap=me needing coffee!

We found this Port City Java shop right down the road and stopped in for a little iced coffee heaven 🙂This, a Cliff bar and a naner made my breakfast 🙂(Please imagine a naner! It’s hard to remember to take a pic of everything when you take a break from food blogging 🙂

After getting a coffee fix, we headed back to the beach to do a ‘lil walkin and talkin 🙂

**Please note how gray the sky is!!**

Oh and ignore the “beach hair” that I have going on in this pic and the one’s to come! Curly-haired people have a much harder time taming their hair at the beach! Haha. Jas and I walked and talked for about an hour, we also did a little archeology dig, haha 🙂 He likes to look for shark teeth in the shells 🙂

And of course, being the good girlfriend that I am, I helped him look too 🙂

Well, this adventure was soon over when we saw these clouds creeping in!And from then on out it was rain, rain and more rain 😦 The rain never let up! I almost just wanted to stay in the hotel all day and not do anything, but then again..Wilmington was calling our names so we showered and got dressed and ventured out in the downpour. And guys, I would’ve taken a lot more pics than I did..but the rain was so heavy at times it was hard to get good one’s! So most of my pics are from inside of places. Sorry 😦 My attitude was a little crummy after having to walk everywhere in the rain.

Before going to visit the Burgwin-Wright mansion, Jas and I stopped into a local place called Niki’s. It was very quaint and cozy. They actually had a sushi bar, along with a long menu full of American items too. I chose the black bean burger with fries.
Oh yes, it was a delicious mess that it looks like! I had mustard and ketchup dripping all over the place! And guess what?! Instead of regular fries, I was served beer-battered fries by mistake..and holy moly..my taste-buds were in a sinful heaven!!!! Those things were awesome!!! Jas and I kept saying that we should’ve just ordered two orders of those fries and skipped the burger, haha 🙂 ‘Twas a good ol’ fashion American meal!
I was stuffed to the gills, so what better time than to go for a walk? Specifically to the Burgwin-Wright mansion.

The tour took an hour and it was really interesting to hear all of the facts about Wilmington long ago. The cool thing was, was that they actually had furniture pieces from the 1700’s all over the house! We were the youngest in the group by about 40 years, but oh well….it was still fun! (And it was nice to get out of the rain for a while!!)

We signed up for a haunted bar crawl before going back to the hotel. I was able to rest for about 30 minutes before it was time to head out the door again for dinner! Since the meeting place for the pub crawl was at a place called Fat Tony’s…we figured: Why not just eat there?!

I ordered a veggie calzone that had ricotta and mozzerella cheese, peppers, spinach, onions and mushrooms.This thing was huge. I actually wasn’t even hungry when we sat down to eat, but I knew we’d be out at bars all night, so I needed to eat something. I ate only half of this cheesy-goodness before deciding to get a doggy bag. Then it was time for the pub crawl!!At the first bar, I started out with a Miller Lite (<–put me over-the-top full, and I didn't have another drink until 3 bars later!) (My other drink ended up being a screwdriver)Please forgive me for not keeping up with the names of the places we went to..it was all kind of jumbled and I was too busy paying attention to the ghost stories to notice!

As for the pub crawl, it was very fun. I’m sure a lot of the stories were embellished quite a bit, but oh well..I’m always up for a good scare! It did kind of ruin it for me when the guy that was leading the tour told us he was an actor right off the bat 😦 We did get to go to some unusual bars and see a lot of their history as well.

By the time we got back to the hotel it was wayyy past my bed time. Not having slept very well the night before, I fell asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow.


We woke up to sun shining through the window (of course on the day that we leave!) Arg.

We were pretty much starving, so we put on some flip-flops and headed for a walk down the street to see what we could find. We came upon this restaraunt:

..and went in for a bite! Of course I started with coffee 😉 Then ordered the blueberry pancakes with a side of fresh fruit.I ate the top pancake but gave the other to Jas. The fruit seemed to dissapear between the both of us as well 🙂

Before packing and heading home, we decided to have one last walk on the beach (since it was sunny!!)

We probably spent an hour out there walking around and wishing we didn’t have to leave on a sunny day. I wanted to get in the water so bad! But, it was time to go…

We loaded the car and I pulled out my Micro book to do some homework on the way home. I got halfway through and decided to take a break. Actually, the most fun part of the trip was the ride home. Jas and I were almost delirious from being in the car for so long 🙂 We were making jokes, cracking jokes and singing along to every song on the radio (<–cliche, I know!) For some reason I had the song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by the Beatles stuck in my head, haha.

Three hours later we made it into Charlotte and stopped for lunch at Qdoba’s. I ordered the veggie burrito and ate every single bite. It was probably a 5 lb. burrito, but I inhaled it! Can’t find the pic though 😦 And guess what?! Right next door was the Marble Slab Creamery 🙂 This is where I went wrong. Even though I was extremely full after eating that burrito, I ordered a “small” dark chocolate ice cream cup with Heath bar mixed in…

Big mistake. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to eat it, Stacey!! From that point on, I had the worst stomach ache ever. Just the thought of food made me feel sick. Jas and I decided to stop by the park to run on the way home since our Saturday morning run on the beach had been cancelled by rain. The whole time I was running I felt like I was going to puke. My food hadn’t been digested yet and was just sitting on my tummy 😦

I don’t care if I ever eat out again! My body has never craved a salad or fresh fruit more than it did yesterday! Seems like all of our eating out just really took affect on me yesterday and I felt so icky.

Hear, hear to homecooked meals!! I am glad to be home and to be able to cook meals again. I still feel like I got no rest at all on that mini-vacay, but I’d trade all the rest in the world for some quality time with Jason any day 🙂 When we are at home, we are both so busy with school and work that we don’t really have any time to spend together. But this weekend reminded me of why we are doing all of this…so we can build a future with each other…

It’s just nice to get away once in a while, ya know?? What’s your fav place that you have been with a loved one??

Beach Bound Bums

Good morning!!!

I thought I might post a pic of me and my coffee for ol’ time’s sake 🙂

GAH! How are things with you guys?!! I know I say this every week: But I really, really miss blogging. Not having on outlet for my thoughts is driving me crazy!!!!!!!! I literally think about blogging every day, but then feel guilty because in the back of my mind I know there are other things that need to be done (eh hem…homework) But NO MORE!

I owe it to myself to blog! It makes me a happier person, and sometimes homework can wait 🙂 I don’t need to spend every free second I have reading my textbook! Plus, not having an outlet is causing my skin to go haywire…and perhaps it’s the underlying cause for my water retention lately?? Haha 🙂 I’ve decided to make it a priority to blog on weekends (regularly, 3x a day with my meals!!) and…. at least twice during the week! If I can do more, then that’s even better!

Okay, now that that is off of my shoulders let’s get on to other things 🙂

I had a very interesting day at school yesterday! I got to follow around a critical care RD in the hospital, and I saw some things that just made me more sure that I never, ever want to work in a clinical setting! And after that thought, I thought to myself: Do I even want to be an RD?? NO.

After reading the “Do What You Love” post on Jenna’s blog, I’ve never been more sure of the fact that I want to go into fitness. Perhaps even become a personal trainer and own my own company one day 🙂 So that’s my plan, but I think it will be a big ol’ marketing plus with the Diet Tech beside my name as well, hehe 🙂 Now that I’ve realized what I want to do and what I am meant to do, it’s much easier for me keep my goal in mind and know that I’m working towards something great!

It’s funny how it takes a few wrong turns to make you realize the right one’s you should take 🙂 Did you guys ever start out doing something and then completely change your mind once you really started to learn what it was all about?????

Other than that epiphany, my week has been kind of mellow. My runs have been not so great. I am still running 4-6 miles at least twice a week (3 if I’m lucky!) but my speed isn’t getting any better…and I guess that’s okay with me.

Ohhhhhhhh and guess what!! Jas and I are going to Wilmington, NC this weekend! It’s kind of spur the moment (meaning: we booked the hotel at the beginning of this week) but we both need to get away before we go crazy! It will be nice to take a breather and relax a bit. I’ve never been there, but apparently Jas has it all planned out (<–I love it when he does that 🙂

We are staying on the beach, but driving to Wilmington during the day… Jas has us signed on for a “Haunted Bar Crawl” Hahahahahaha…just the sound of that sounds silly. But oh well, it shall be fun! We also have a run planned on the beach, and a nice dinner out for two! And you better believe that I will be taking photos of all of my food and adventures. Who knows, maybe I’ll have another ‘Food Awakening’ 🙂

Can’t wait to come back and share with you guys! Hope all is going well in your area, and if you are in the South, watch out for that rain!!

Love you bloggies 🙂

PS. I left a pic of myself, so why not leave a pic of my honey too 🙂 He likes to sit and play Sublime in the kitchen sometimes, haha…And no ooggling his goodies ladies!! Hehe 😉

Later taters!

Live Together, Eat Together

Hey there 🙂

Ughhhhh, finally a moment to blog! Of course, I’ve been wanting to blog since last week, but that’s student life for ya!

How is everyone?! I have been doing ok, just getting used to the chill that has now arrived in the air at nighttime! I’m so ready for fall weather! Though, it’s gonna suck driving home in the dark everyday, haha. But oh well.

School has kept me very busy of course, and Jason too. Poor guy has only one class and is loaded down with more homework than me! We still go on our Friday night date though 🙂 Friday is kind of our “do nothing night”…in the Belk and Rader world that means TV off, computers shut down, cell phones left behind 🙂 We usually get take out and talk about our week, well actually..we vow not to talk about our week, or homework for that matter 🙂

I’ve been wanting to blog to tell you guys that I am still working on the “My House” post… the thing is, I have to catch the house when it’s clean, so there is a draft being made and it’s coming soon, but I also wanted to post because last week my dietetics class was talking about food consumption in America, and how it has changed since the 1920’s…

It got me thinking about how my food consumption has changed. You would not believe the things I used to eat! I still can’t believe the way I used to eat. And sometimes I look back and think “Who was that person?!”

Now, some people know that it has been said that anytime a couple moves in together, they are both likely to gain weight. Their eating habits change and sometimes they just become less active. For some reason, I feel the need to blog about how my habits have changed since moving in with Jas 🙂

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I eat more “snacky foods” now, but I still think there is a good balance. For example, when I lived by myself, I would have never bought a bag of tortilla chips to keep in the house. This may seem a bit dramatic or whatever, but I wouldn’t trust myself to not eat the whole bag. Instead, I would buy mini bags of popcorn. Living with Jason, we always have them in the house. Those or granola bars, and I often find myself snacking on chips with hummus instead of veggies and hummus. Also, my food portions, especially at dinner have doubled. I used to rarely have seconds, but now I always go back for seconds! Even if I’m not hungry! <—I know that isn't good, but sometimes you just wanna eat 🙂 …ya catch my drift??

So in that aspect, yes, my eating has changed. But Jason’s has also. Since I am usually the one to cook dinner, he gets more veggies in than he used to, and we also buy larger amounts of fruit that we can share.
As for my activities, they are still the same. I run 2-3 times a week, and strength train about 2-3 times a week too. Every Thursday I go to my old Cramerton neighborhood and do that hilly four-mile loop after work. Jason and I usually run together at the park one day a week too. I feel bad though, because with all of the homework he has, he isn’t really able to ride his bike 😦 I know that he misses it. I would miss running if I couldn’t do it for a few weeks!!!!

Another thing that has changed is my trips to the gym! I go to the gym very early on Wednesday morning before class and usually once during the weekend. Those trips will increase once the weather gets cooler and it gets darker out earlier! So the question is: Have I gained weight? The answer is no. My weight is exactly the same as when I lived alone. My muscle mass has increased in my legs and back, but my weight is still the same. I do feel more tired, more often but that’s a given with school and work!

Ohhhhh, and I’m reading a new book!

Though I am only on the second chapter, I thought I might go ahead and tell ya what I think of it so far!

****** It totally bashes my future career field (ah hem…nutrition)…but in all honesty, I have to say that what the author says in this book is the truth. And the funny thing is, is that before I started the dietetic program at school, I thought to myself “This is going to take all of the joy out of eating for me!” And I was right. Well, not all of the joy, but I catch myself thinking of the science of my food..the nutrition info and blah, blah, blah. The things that I am learning are scientific things. We don’t talk about taste or texture we talk about the evil M word. Macronutrients.

It enrages me to see the way American politics are in charge of everything. If the ADA came out tomorrow and said “Eat REAL food” then maybe the obesity rates would go down. But then again, people seem to think that Big Macs are real food, they’ve never been told different so why blame them??? Sorry folks, but those Oreos are practically chemicals!!!!!!!!! And the field of nutrition isn’t helping. Why must we define everything???? Can’t some things be simple anymore?! Eat food. Food, people! No chemically engineered “food” or genetically modified “food”! Real stuff that comes from the ground or a tree. *************

*Sigh* I guess all I want to do is change the world.

So anywho, now it’s time for you guys to answer! Have your eating habits or activity level changed recently, or since you moved in with your guy??

It’s All Greek To Me


Gah, it feels so weird typing on Blogger 🙂 Guess how long I’ve been meaning to post?? About a week!

Sorry I’ve been such a stranger lately, my Micro class is kickin’ my arse. I’m having such a hard time with it 😦 Since it’s an online class, with a lecture night every Wenesday, my mind has been all over the place!

It’s like, I understand the material when I’m in class on Wenesday night, as the teacher is talking about it, but once I get home to do my homework, I have no idea what I’m doing!! Don’t you hate that?! I made a bad grade on my first test, but I think that’s because I didn’t know what to expect, and I seem to have done better on my second test (thank goodness!)…

Well, it’s apparant now more than ever that I am strictly an English/History kind of person, haha 🙂 Micro isn’t so bad, it’s just really hard…and she loads us with homework that I have to take whole Sundays doing….*sigh* Oh well, the outcome will be worth it 🙂

Other than frying my brain on Micro, Jas and I stay pretty busy. Like I’ve said before, my commute is pretty long, so once I get home, walk Trixie, cook dinner and read my textbook, I’m pretty wiped out. We’ve been adding some fun in there too!

Yesterday we did a Labor Day 5k which was pretty great! The course only had 2 hills, and the weather was perfect (bring on fall!) I finished in under 30 minutes, which was my goal, and Jas got second place in his age group 🙂 He also won that award last year hehe.

We also went to the Cramerton Deli on Saturday and I got the most amazing Meditteranian Salad! It was beautiful and scrumptious that I wanted to take a pic, but when I was searching in my bag for my camera, I sadly remembered that it was in my other purse 😦 That’s what not blogging regularly will do to a girl!

After our race yesterday, Jas and I came back to the house and got in our jammies 🙂 We spent all day watching a LOST marathon (<—-best show ever!!!) I stayed up pretty late and now I'm regretting it 😦

As for the stress, I haven’t done yoga yet, it’s on my to-do list! And I’ve danced around to Pokerface while cleaning, but Jas wasn’t there to catch it on camera lol….I think now that I’m back in the swing of things (with school, work, fitness) my mood is more leveled 🙂 As long as I can work and still turn in my homework on time, and make good grades then I think I’ll be okay 🙂

How have you guys been???? I don’t have much time to blog read, but sometimes I get on and take a glimpse of your lives 🙂 Sorry for such a boring, no-pic post!! But I am at work..

Oh, and I’m putting together a fun post to show you guys where I live 😉 Have a great week bloggies!