Your Suggestions Tested

Hey strangers!!

Long time, no type.

I’ve been uber-busy trying to keep up with my homework these last couple of days, but I’ve also been wanting to blog like crazy, so I compromised and told myself “Once you finish your homework, you can reward yourself by blogging!” Haha. So here I am 🙂

Let me just say that you guys are so great 🙂 After reading all of your comments on my last post, you guys gave me some really great ideas (<–more on that to come!). And you also helped me notice a problem that I wasn’t even aware that I had!

My mother and grandmother have anxiety attacks and are on medication for them, but it never even occured to me that I would inherit that gene (<–?). But, it seems to fit. I worry about things constantly and I can't stand not having control over a situation..but, there is no need for me to go on medication (yet, haha).

What I can do is practice relaxation/ stress techniques!! When I read the comments/suggestions that you all had for me, I figured “Why not test these babies out??” So (and here comes my genious idea) for the next week I am going to try your suggestions, and blog about them 🙂 And of course, give the person credit. I am also going to keep a notepad with me at all times to write down when I am feeling stressed and what for. I think this will help me get an idea of how much I sweat the small stuff, and hopefully give me a reality check!

With that being said, I’ve already begun testing your theories this past weekend 🙂

JenH suggested that I see a movie that gives me a really good laugh or cry…well, I just got done reading The Reader by Bernhard Schlink. It quickly became my second favorite book of all time. The way it was written was lovely and it really encompassed me throughout the whole book.

And it just so happens we got it in Netflix this weekend! Yay!

Ahhhhh! It was soooo sad 😦 I cried and cried and cried. The book was different from the movie (of course) but it was still very enjoyable, yet very, very sad. I highly recommend the book!

So…Have a big cry? Check. 🙂

Niki suggested I go for a run or bake 🙂

Saturday morning 5 miler with friends (Kath and Whit)? Check.

Bake something scrum-diddli-umptious for the guy and I? Check 🙂 Oh, and this my friends, would be Blueberry Coffee Cake that seemed to magically vanish from our fridge in just 2 days, haha.

Kristine suggested that I keep at it, and think of how happy I will be once I get my degree!

So, I decided to get a pic of me reading my Community Nutrition book…I was actually reading in this pic, te he 🙂 Yeah, that’s about as excited as my facial expressions get when I read lol. Well, I was almost done with my reading, when my kitty (and Jason) decided to jump on the bed…so I thought I’d take a petting break 🙂(Jason took this pic with the camera on top of his head, lol…)My sweetie was also in the middle of studying his engineering book, but he thought he would take a petting break too…haha 🙂

Emily suggested that I take time to do something that relaxes me..something that I enjoy. What could I enjoy more than spending time with my Jas and my Trixie?!

Saturday evening we went for a stroll in the park. There was a baseball game going on, so we paused and watched that for a little bit 🙂 The sun was setting and the sky was a beautiful color of purple-pink….ahhhh…..

Carolina John brought another important fact to my attention! He mentioned seeing a chiropractor or doing the easy thing and changing the way my bed is positioned (feng shui (sp??). That made me think. My mother, her 2 brothers and my late grandfather were all victims of scoliosis. When my mom was in high school she had to wear a back brace 24 hrs a day to straighten her back out. I’ve been tested for scoliosis 3 times since I was in elementary school, but fortunately have never been positive.

I’ve had back problems all of my life and have been to a chiropractor twice. I’ve also tried acupuncture, but this didn’t seem to help. I’ve come to the terms with the fact that I am a person that suffers from chronic back pain.

But, Jason’s lumpy old mattress was not helping!! This weekend we ventured out (physically and financially!!) and got us a brand new mattress 🙂 No pic though, sorry! Last night I slept for 11 straight hours! Uninterrupted! YAY!! We were a little nervous about making the $650 purchase, but in the end, it seems like a good investment. Don’t big investments make ya so nervous at first?! Haha.

I have some deep breathing (maybe turn that into yoga?) and some dancing around the house left to do 🙂 Couldn’t fit all of that in this weekend! Though, there was some dancing in the car, hehe 🙂

The 2nd part to this post shall be found later this after all of your theories are tested my dearies! Te he.

Have a wonderful week 🙂 Can’t you just taste fall in the air?? See ya!

What Is Going On With Me?!

Hello friends 🙂 <—Why do I always feel like Mr. Rogers when I say that?!

Anywho, I have a ton of things to talk about!

Hmmm, where to start? Let’s see…I’ll start with the embarrassing breakdown that I had in my teachers office on Monday!

I went to her office to get my orientation paperwork for the class, she asked me if anything was going on since (and I am so ashamed to admit this) I failed one of my summer classes and dropped out of the other. I told her about moving out of my house, working..and blah blah blah…and basically just admitted that my brain wasn’t in full function this summer. Then, like the big fuddy-dud I am, I started crying!!! I feel so embarrassed even writing about this right now, because I am sure (through tear-streaked eyes) that I saw a few “crazy” glances from her…haha.

The thing is, I don’t really know where it came from! I’m assuming that I started to cry because I let myself down by failing one class and dropping out of the other…or perhaps it was because I feel so stressed out all of the time and I just can’t find a way to relax anymore.

Seriously guys, I keep getting these headaches every afternoon..and they last until bedtime..sometimes the headache will become a migraine…and it just becomes unbearable. Ever since I moved in with Jason, I can’t sleep. Maybe one or two nights out of the week I feel like I’ve gotten good sleep. Other than that, I wake up in a zombie-like state 😦 What’s going on with me??? Jason says that he comes to bed and finds me profusely sweating (eww, I know!)..there are days when I wake up with a racing heartrate..It truly scares me.

With all that aside, she started talking to me about next semester and what is to come. Which made me cry harder..because I learned that I won’t be able to graduate this May 😦 Not with a full-time job. She says there is no way I can do the work load and maintain a full time job and still plan to graduate in May…she advises me to spread it out more…and graduate next December!!!!! That means that I don’t get to walk with my class…or hell, even graduate with them. And I hate that 😦

But I guess it’s what I have to do. I can’t just not work because I have bills to pay..but I feel like it’s going to affect my grades. The best I can do is just study my arse off and pray that I do good in school.

Today was our first day in class and boy oh boy……my mind is on overload. My Microbiology (<–ugh) teacher has given us a ton of homework due in 4 days, and guess what?! All of my Dietetic homework is due on the same day! Yay!! NOT.

Last night I cracked open my Micro book to try and read the first chapter..I made it a whole 2 pages before zonking out 🙂 I woke up an hour later with my face plastered with drool on one of the pages…yep, looks like it’s going to be smooth sailing in this class! Ha. As for DET (Dietetic)…I haven’t even started in on the chapters in those books. Good thing Jas and I don’t have any major plans this weekend!

Now, I need your help! Please tell me some ways that I can de-stress. Of course there is the obvious thing: running. I am already doing that and my body is still being crazy! What do you guys do when you feel overwhelmed?? What helps?? In your opinion, do you think I should see a doctor??

Racing Success!

Good morning lovies 🙂

Well, I have to say that yesterday’s race was a very hard, but very rewarding success 🙂

I was reminded of why I love running during the race, and had never felt stronger when I finished it! I’ll start at the beginning:

Jas and I woke up very early to gray skies outside…I started getting worried that they would cancel the race, especially when it started pouring on the way to the racing site…which, by the way was at the U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC.

Can you say b-e-a-utiful?!

The rain stopped and Jas and I spent some time walking around the center and checking out all of the awesome rivers that surround the building! A little while later it was time for me to leave my man behind and line up with the other runners!

(Ha, can you see me in there??) It was a little discouraging to be around women that were standing around talking about the last half-ironman they did!! But I tried to drown them out so it wouldn’t affect my run 🙂 The race organizer said some words and rules and blah, blah blah..then we were off!

I don’t think anyone had any idea where to go at first, but luckily there were guys pointing us to the trail that we would be running on. I just followed the other people, haha 🙂 At first, it was very crowded (shoulder to shoulder)..all of us were on a narrow path, so I slowed down and let a ton of people go in front of me…after all, I wanted to enjoy this run and not race it. And enjoy it,, I did 🙂

Once we had spread out a little it wasn’t so bad. The trail wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but it turned out to be a very relaxing, yet challenging run. And the scenery was a-mazing! They put us on a trail that went by several rivers, over a wooden bridge and through a couple of high-grass fields…I was so focused on enjoying the fresh air and scenery around me, I kind of forgot I was in a race!

There were moments when I couldn’t run though, because parts of the trail that were in the woods were so steep, you had to hang on to trees to get down the hill…and there was this guy behind me through the first part of the run that kept burping these really gross burps!! Like he was going to puke or something, blegh 😦

The last few miles of the race were a bit more challenging, there was a part that had hill after hill, after hill and at the top of the third one I thought my knees were going to catch on fire so I stopped and leaned against a tree…another runner came up and said “Come on girl, it’s almost over! Push through!! Let’s go!”

That reminded me why I ran…and why I love the running community 🙂 I started running again but right after I did, a girl behind me fell (she tripped over a tree root) so I stopped and helped her up and made sure she was okay. Then it was time to finish this race!!

As I was running to the finish line (as seen above..oh and don’t you just love that hippie van lol) I felt as strong as I’ve ever felt. My knees and upper thighs were burning from all of the hills..but it was slowly fading away 🙂 After chugging some Powerade (blegh) I tried to find Jas in the crowd..once I did, we headed over to the vendors, got some free loot, and then went to the area where they were presenting awards. I wanted to see who had won in my age group.

Little did I know that I would win!!!! Not first place, but I did get second 🙂 I was very shocked when they called my name. I hadn’t seen my time yet, so I thought I didn’t have a chance since I took my time on this race and really tried to just enjoy the views…but I couldn’t believe I made second place in my age group!!

Yay! Go me, haha 🙂 And guess what?! Not only did I win a medal, but I also won a Timex Ironman watch in a raffle!! Woot woot!

After all of the awards were given, and I was through beaming about my award Jas and I headed back to the car to continue our day. I had one of these:At the time, it seemed refreshing but later on I realize I should’ve been drinking water. It was a little sweet, but that’s flavored water for ya!

Jas and I ended up having a wonderful lunch at Cramerton deli..and we went shopping, where I found two pairs of pants that fit…another woot woot!

I woke up today feeling a tad bit sore, but otherwise okay 🙂 Uh oh, someone is peeking out from behind the computer! Guess he’s wondering when I’m gonna be done, haha. Better go give him some of my attention! See you later taters 🙂

Off of My Feet…For Now

Hey friends 🙂

Ughhhhhhhhhhh…………….I have been wanting to blog all week. I’ve had a week from hell.

I’m not gonna spend the next so-and-so paragraphs complaining, but I will say that this past week almost put me over the edge and I have never been happier that it is Friday! For some reason, I couldn’t sleep a wink every night this week..I would lye there and lye there but nothing. It made me a very, very cranky and irritable girl. Everyday I would come home after an hour of driving, stay on my feet in the kitchen cooking dinner and then have about 15 minutes until bed time…for another night of no sleeping!! I felt zombie-like…but it’s all good now 🙂

Nothing much has been going on, besides work…and getting ready for school! It starts next week, and I am more than ready to start using my noggin again! Sometimes it’s really hard being a nanny and not having a mentally challenging job. There are days when I crave adult conversation, or something that makes me think! I am the type of person that needs to be challenged at work and in life too, so I am soooo ready for school to come around 🙂

Guess what?! My 10k trail race is in the morning, woot woot!! I think this is the first time I don’t have pre-race jitters 🙂 My only goal for this race is to finish it…and I’m pretty sure I can do that! That’s not to say I won’t glance at my watch every couple of miles though, hehe 🙂

Can’t wait to give you guys the race recap! Afterwards Jas and I are going clothes shopping and out to eat at Cramerton Deli!! I can’t wait to spend time with him, we’ve barely seen each other all week 😦

Well, he just got home from a bike ride…better go snuggle with my sweetie 🙂 See you guys tomorrow night with a recap!

PS. You guys HAVE to watch this video!! It’s a hilarious bike music spoof video, lololol. Have a great Friday night bloggies!!!

Bwhahahaha…it’s all about performance…lol 🙂

Skinny Jeans, Bangles and Ruffles…OH MY!

Can someone please explain to me what is going on in the fashion world?!

Maybe I’m just a simple dresser, or just old-fashioned or something…but i don’t understand the styles that are out there today!

For the past year and a half, every shopping trip of mine has turned into a panic attack or a big ol’ letdown. My problem: I need new clothes! Desperately. I have one pair of blue jeans that fit me, two pairs of shorts, no overcoat (for winter) and no dress clothes (for internship, cetera) that fit.

At this time two years ago, I was 136 lbs. At this time last year, I was 124 lbs. And now I weigh in at 118. I’ve maintained this weight all summer and I’m almost positive I’ll stay in that area throughout winter…but none of my clothes fit me anymore and it’s driving me bonkers! Last semester (when I wasn’t in scrubs) I would spend most of my days at school pulling up my pants..or in even, in my most desperate moment, safety pinning my one and only pair of dress pants so that they would fit. They are 4 sizes too big now, and I don’t want to have to deal with that this semester! I feel like I look good, therefore I should have clothes that make me feel that way too 🙂
So this weekend Jas and I went a couple of places to see if I could find anything. My choices turned out to be: Skinny jeans (no thank you!) The one and only time I tried on skinny jeans, Jas remarked that I looked like Peggy Bundy…that pretty much killed it. Pants that were tapered at the thigh and got narrow at the bottom. Ruffled shirts GALORE <—these may work if I can learn to step out of my box. Plaid skirts. Weird-shaped jackets. Blouses with zippers going down them<—-is this something you would wear professionally?!

Maybe I’m just not “with it”. Oh gah! I’m 24 years old and already I’m an old maid that doesn’t have a clue what the young folks are into!!

My search shall continue. I am determined to have a wardrobe that fits. Guys have it so freakin easy! They can just walk into a store and buy something without trying it on and then have it fit! They don’t have to deal with color combos, shapes, fabrics, buttons or zippers, accessorizing, the right shoes….Ugh. To be a woman.

Anywho, other than that my weekend has been pretty great!

Saturday: Jas, mom and I went to my uncle’s farm wayyy out in the country! Here are some great pics 🙂 Please enjoy!

My uncle’s pig, Porkchop hehe 🙂

Uh oh! Someone’s found you Porkchop!It’s okay. They’re good friends 🙂My mommy 🙂 Love her!Betsy. This is one of his show horses…this picture doesn’t do her justice though! She is a real beauty! And quite large too. She towers over the other two:Madeliene and Gretchen.

A–ble-a-ble-a-ble…That’s all folks!

My At-Home (Results-Getting!) Workout!

Hey there!

How has every one’s Friday been?? I’ve been a bit grumpy all day for no apparent reason…but now that the work day has wound down, and I’ve eaten some delicious Asian takeout..I am finally getting into a better (more relaxed!) mood 🙂
Let’s get started, shall we??

There are days when I am totally not feelin’ the drive to the I put together an at-home strength session that really gets my blood flowin! First up: Push ups!

I am kind of a number freak, so I always do 4 sets of 15…so it will equal 60.

Then, I do the same for bench dips. (Or in this case, desk chair dips, hehe) All you need is a ledge and some room to dip!

It’s important to make sure that you keep your body in a statue-like pose while doing these. You want to make sure that your arms are doing all the work! I’ve caught myself thrusting my hips and lower body up with the movements, but that brings you out of the correct positioning..

After those two moves, I feel warmed up enough to get on to the rest of my workout!
Anterior arm raise

Start:Move into:
Full extension happens when weights are eye-level…or at least close to it 🙂
The next is one of my favs! This is a shoulder press…don’t really know the “proper” name for it!

Arms at 90 degree angle..

Then up!

Next up: Military Overhead Press


And up!
(Practing my “mug-shot” face…lol)

Then it’s on to bicep curls:
Important: When doing these, try to keep elbows hugged to waist. The only part of the arm that should be moving is from elbow to wrist. Squeeze muscle when you bring weights towards body 🙂

(Please ignore facial expression, haha. I was wondering when Jas was gonna take the freakin pic!)

Another fav: Squat with a Dumb bell Row


Make sure that your elbows go straight back…and not to stick out to the sides. You can also squeeze the shoulderblades together when rowing back.
Mixed with ab work (bicycle crunches, left/right leg oblique crunches, or sometimes just plain ol’ sit ups) this makes for an amazing I’m-stronger-than-ever workout! Tomorrow is gym day, and seeing these moves kind of makes me want to learn different ones! I’m sure most of you already knew these, but just wanted to show you how I roll, haha 🙂
(Using 8lbs in these pics, but I started with 5lbs)
Now I am ready to go relax on the couch with my honey! Oh wait, I forgot a move!!
You guys have probably heard of this one too 🙂 It’s the Ahhhhh! I-dropped-a-weight-on-my-foot move.

Start by holding weight over foot. Then proceed to drop weight carelessy right over the foot. Hold foot, dance around screaming and crying. It is important to you can let everyone know what an idiot you are, lolololol. K, I’m done being silly. See you guys later 🙂

Nighty night blogland 🙂

Throw Up, Pass Out…

…or push through.

Hello 🙂 Happy Friday to you all!! Yay for the almost-weekend! Only 9 more hours to go (for me) haha.

I wanted to get on here and blog about the run I had last night..and let you guys know what’s coming up tonight!!

Yesterday, I was totally in the mood to run. The skies had cleared, the sun was shining and the humidity that had lingered around for days was semi-gone.

After work, I drove to Cramerton, parked at the grocery store and started my 4 miles. The first mile was pure hell. Since I was starting from a different location than usual, there was a hill within my first few strides..It really wasn’t that bad, and I was actually kind of glad to get that hill out of the way in the beginning…so I kept up my pace and just kept going. After that first hill, it stays pretty straight until the second mile.

When I hit my second mile mark, I endured the first monster of a hill in the run and it was sooo hard!! My legs were burning, but I kept up my pace, but just took smaller steps. When I got to the top I felt like my lungs were going to burst, so I walked for 10 seconds and started again.

I wish you guys could see the hills that are in this run! After the second mile, they are one right after another..there is rarely a break in between…but it will only make me stronger 🙂

After going a few feet, the third hill came and I mentally had to push myself to get up that hill. The third hill is my PUSH ZONE. This is when I am truly pushing myself in every way possible. This is when I feel like I’m either going to puke, or pass out but I have to conquer the hill. So I give it everything I have. And I made it!

And guess what?! After the third hill, I usually walk for a few feet to catch my breath (and also because I have to cross traffic when I get to the top) but this time I had to keep going because a guy in a truck was holding up traffic to let me pass!! So I kind of wished he wouldn’t of, but I am glad he did!! Not stopping made me feel much more persistant and stronger on the the 3 remaining hills left in the run! My stride was great, and I figure why stop?! Just finish the run, you can get over those hills!!

When I got back to my car (without stopping once!) I felt soooo strong 🙂 Like I could run across the country or something, haha. I stretched my legs and then looked at my stats:

Distance: 4.12 <—parked in far away spot in parking lot
Max HR: 201
Avg HR: 190
Duration: 44 min 36 seconds
Kcals burned: 511

🙂 ‘Twas an awesome run! I’m pretty sure the next time I do this run, that I am going to try not to stop..except after that first hill, hehe.

Alright, the kiddos are done eating breakfast and need me to help build a train track! Better go!

Oh, and coming up tonight: Get the results you want at home! The moves I have been doing that have made me so much more stronger than I would’ve imagined! Just want to share some moves with you guys that truly will give you results (I’ll be showing you in a pictorial blog) 🙂 See ya tonight!

Doesn’t Feel Right

And here I am again, haha.

I tried to blog on the other blog, but it doesn’t feel right. This is my “bloggie” home 🙂 I’ve talked Jason’s ear off about whether or not to close off the blog altogether, but he says if I’m doubting it for a second then I must not want to do that.

My other blog didn’t feel at all comfy like this one does. So, I’ve made some choices that should leave me feeling like a stress-free blogger 🙂

I will continue to blog on this blog, but it will not be three meals, three times a day. I’ll post when I really am having the urge to write about a race, or a bad run..or something that’s just on my mind.

The more I think about it, the more I want to share my experiences! I know for sure, that I will want to post about my trail race that is next weekend (that I am totally not prepared for)…and that I will probably want to post about things I learn in school, or rant about bad running days..or perhaps if the guy and I experience a really, truly phenomenal meal…then I shall share 🙂

So….I will keep blogging..but it will be sporadic. Sorry I’m so wishy-washy!! Lol. I think that I just may have been really stressed out by the pressure of having to blog three times a day. I have to face it: I’m a blogger. It’s what I do. I do it because it relaxes me and I truly love writing about something that is on my mind…

This is a girl that kept diaries when she was just learning to write, until the lovely computer came along…then she kept a food/exercise diary..until the beloved blog came along 🙂 Can’t stop, won’t stop. It’s in my blood.

Letting Go

Hello 🙂

I’m back after taking a day (or two!) off from blogging..just to see how it would feel. I have to admit, it felt really great…I’ve slept better the past two days than I have in a long time! I think I’ve just become bored with taking pics of my food, and honestly..I miss just blogging for the sake of blogging. I used to write just because it made me feel better and I just loved doing it..but lately it’s been because I felt like I’ve had to. And that feeling makes me sad, it takes away from something I really love doing.

Being at Jasons has changed my routine quite a bit! My workouts are now at night time..after my hour commute home..after working out, cooking dinner and cleaning the dishes..I am completley wiped out. In the morning, I like having time to just sit and read the news, or play with my animals for a few minutes before walking out the door 🙂

With that being said, you guys probably can guess what comes next. I think it’s time to let the blog go. We had a good run, but I am going back to blogging on my old blog, and blogging whenever my heart desires.

With school coming up, I want to make sure that 100% of my mind is on school and not worrying about when I will have a minute to blog my meals and thoughts. My goal is to increase my GPA so I can get an honors award!

I would’ve never of seen this coming though because at first I was so passionate about blogging, but as time went on (and things changed in my life) I’ve found it more of a burden. I’ve had a great time conversing with all of you and I wish you guys all the best of luck in the world 🙂

You can always find me on Facebook! Good luck everyone, and thanks for being a reader and supporting me throughout this adventure. You all have been so great to me and I was luck to have such wonderful “bloggie” friends 🙂 Thank you so much for being there for me, encouraging me and brightening my days!

I feel it’s time to close this chapter and start a new one 🙂 Who knows?? Maybe I’ll start another blog up again one…perhaps after I graduate and my schedule eases?? Haha 🙂

See ya on the flip side!

Changes Being Made

Guess what?!

I’m all unpacked and settled in 🙂 Yesterday, Jas and I had a very busy day. I don’t think I sat down once…until it was maybe 12 AM!! The good thing is is that I went back to my old house and did the yard work, so now my landlord is going to send me my safety deposit!!!!! Yay! I could really use the extra moola right now 🙂

Of course, I took pics of everything I ate yesterday, but didn’t have any time to post it! Let’s just say my tummy was an empty pit…I was constantly hungry, but I’m pretty sure I was burning mucho calories anyways. The only thing left to do in our house is hang up my pics of my mom and dad when they were teenagers 🙂 <—I treasure these photos 🙂

My animals seem to like it here, I think they just want to be wherever Jas and I are, haha. But they look like they are more “at home” now that I have my furniture here too. Trixie lays at my feet while I read the news in the morning, and she doesn’t run to the car everytime I let her out now, hehe. Jason has told me numerous times that he loves having me here as well 🙂 Something about seeing my smiley face everyday..or something…hehe.

This morning (<—ugh. Feels so good to be blogging like I used to! Ha) I was up with Jason’s alarm clock so I could keep my promise to my very dear friend, Gym. I went and we had a blast, that Gym and I 🙂 Here is what I did:

15 min on stairs, 30 resistance
15 on bike, Random Level, 8
3×15 overhead shoulder press
60 benchdips
100 crunches
50 right/left oblique crunches

I love how toned my arms are getting!! Strength training is just as addictive as running is, haha 🙂
On my way home I was contemplating what to have for breakfast…The first thing that came to mind were oats, but with it being 97 degrees today <–Yikes! …I thought it’s too hot to make oats..but then I figured, who cares?! I want oats!

It’s official: I’m never making my oats in the microwave again! I made them stovetop this morning, and they came out so creamy and delicious!!

In this bowl: 1/2 cup skim milk, 1/3 cup hot water, dash of salt, big ol teaspoon of pb, banana, blueberries, flax seeds and some maple granola Jas bought sprinkled on top 🙂 Best bowl of oats I’ve ever had!! So crunchy and creamy at the same time 🙂

Along with some really great tasting, cheap coffee on the side:

(Sun just a’shinin!)

Okay, now on to something I really want to talk about!

This past week, I haven’t been blogging regularly..and I can’t say that it doesn’t bother me. I’ve been blogging for 3-ish years and have loved every minute of it..but this past week, it seemed more like a chore. It may be because we still had so much to do, or because my computer isn’t up and running and I hate blogging from Jason’s computer! When I come home, I have to sit at a desk and blog, when what I really want to do is lay in the bed in my pj’s and tell you guys about my day. (<—That will be fixed once we get a wireless router)

Another thing that crossed my mind is: Will I be able to keep up my blogging once school starts?? Something is telling me I should just take it day by day and see how my schedule will change, but I can’t help but worry about it.

The whole point of this rambling is to just say that I’m not sure how school is going to affect my blogging. If I can blog everyday, then I will. Perhaps I’ll be able to blog regularly, but just not post every single meal I eat.

I feel like now that I am settled in to my new place, then the blog won’t seem so tedious. I hope not. Because I don’t like that feeling. Do you guys ever feel that way?? In all of the past years of blogging, I’ve never felt that way..and I hated it this past week when I would come home and NOT want to sit down and blog..but felt like I had to.

Any of you guys ever go through this??