Hello, Morning

Can I get a ‘what what’?! Yay for Friday!!! It’s finally here 🙂

Oh, and good morning sleepyheads!

This has been a busy morning for me, but no complaints on Friday, right? I woke up at 5, drove home to eat breakfast and get ready for work. Silly me forgot to put some fruit into the freezer for a green monster this morning 😦
Booooooo…there wasn’t anything at my house that I wanted to eat. So for about half an hour, I stumbled around the kitchen pouting and looking in cabinets..until I finally gave in and decided to have some boring cereal.
Trader Joes Triple Berry O’s with a peach on the side!

The peach wasn’t boring at all 🙂 Quite tasty!

After this, I wasn’t satisfied so I just poured the rest of the box into my bowl and at it, haha.

No breakfast is complete without coffee, which is why I must go scrounge in the change jar to see if I can afford a real coffee this morning 🙂 Oh, to be a poor college student.

Tonight’s post is going to be a little late. After I get off of work, Jas is meeting me at the gym to run (4-miler) with me, then I need to come back home to pack for the weekend..and by the time we get back to his house, have dinner…it will be around 9ish…So expect me later 🙂

Hope you guys have a great Friday!! So glad the weekend is almost here 🙂 Later taters!

Late Night Date With a Guy Named "Gym"

Hola amigos!!

Can you believe tomorrow is Friday?! Woot Woot!! <—doing a Friday dance 🙂 I've just had a late night date with one of my favorite motivators! More on that later though, first..let's get through my day at work!
Before the kids and I headed to swim lessons I gobbled down a juicy, orange-y peach:

While they were swimming, I snuck off to have a can of Coke Zero in the vending machine area..haha..
Sometimes a girl just needs a soda, ya know?!

After swim lessons, we came back to the house to have lunch before going off on our next adventure! There was a “new” ingredient in mine 🙂

Caution: Do NOT smell “meat” before eating it!! Ugh, this stuff stinks so bad! But it wasn’t too bad actually, especially when paired with tomatoes, relish, miracle whip, spicy mustard and romaine lettuce 🙂 Oh, and stuffed in a pita, hehe.It kind of reminded me of bologna, but with the fake taste…Gosh, I’m making it sound terrible!! But, it’s really not! 🙂

Broccoli slaw on the side with raisins and miracle whip mixed in.

Dessert was a graham cracker with a couple of dark chocolate pretzels to munch on as well!For the rest of the afternoon, the kids played and fought…and then played and fought some more, and somewhere in between, I had time to have a bowl of Trader Joes Mixed Berry yogurt with some shredded wheat on top 🙂After work, I came home and packed to go to Jasons (when I say pack, I mean put the animals into the car with their food, lol). I dropped my stuff off, and we decided that we should spend some time with the gym..The gym is our friend and we hadn’t seen him in a long while, so why not go say “Hey”…Hehe 🙂

When we pulled into the parking lot, I lost all motivation to workout. My muscles said “Yes, yes go work me” But my mind was saying “Go home, lay in bed!!” Jason said “We are already here, so let’s go ahead and get this over with”. Thanks motivator!! I’m never sorry I go in after much debating 🙂

20 minutes of stairs

100 bicycle crunches

100 right/left leg crunches

3×10 overhead shoulder press (12.5 lbs)

60 pushups

60 bench dips

20 bicep curls (12.5 lbs)

3×10 anterior arm raises (10 lbs)

Phew! That was just what I needed!! We rushed home to cook some dinna! Or actually, Jason is cooking the dinner and I am enjoying a beer:

Uh oh. I hear some curse words over there in the kitchen!! Haha. Ohhhh, but look at the finishing project 🙂

Whole wheat pasta with garlic alfredo sauce, broccoli, red pepper and homemade garlic bread on top! Mmmmm, a good ol’ fashioned carb loaded meal!

Well, I’m off to go eat on the couch in front of the tube with my honey! I’ll be getting up early tomorrow morning to drive back home to get ready for work and catch up on your bloggies! Have a great “almost-the-weekend” night 🙂

Unwanted Guests

Good morning sunshines!

It’s almost the weekend! Yay! Don’t know about you, but I didn’t sleep a wink last night 😦 I think I’ve gotten too used to Jas being here!

My alarm went off, though I was already awake, and I decided to come into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee….Ahhhhhhh! *Screams*

Looks whos in my house!!

Gahh! Get out! And no, I don’t think I’m being a bit overly dramatic at all 🙂 I loathe bugs, ants, spiders anything creepy crawly! Where in the heck did these guys come from?! When I turned on my kitchen light they were all over the counter!!! Seems like I’ll need to make a call to my landlord today…can’t have ants crawling around my clean kitchen. Stupid ants.
After going on a squashing spree, and then cleaning up the aftermath (haha) I tried to come up with something for breakfast. For some reason, this was hard today! I wanted a smoothie, but didn’t have any fruit that was frozen, then I wanted waffles, but didn’t have any left. I wasn’t in the mood for cereal, so I stuck with this:

Toast with pb and strawberry jam and a naner on top 🙂 It was ok. Not really what I was craving (eh hem, smoothie) but it’ll do 🙂 And of course, crack in a cup:I’m planning on taking my bike to work today! Hopefully the clouds will clear up and the kids and I can go on a bike ride 🙂 Then after work, it’s off to Jasons! I may do some strength training while he cooks dinner, we will see!

Hang in there guys, it’s almost the weekend! ItalicSee ya tonight!

PS. Just wondering: Any of you guys use St. Ives Facial Scrub?? I think I may have some sort of allergy to something that is in it…I switched my face wash to it about three days ago and my skin has gone beserk!! Breakouts all over!! So last night, I went out and bought my usual stuff..This happen to anyone else??

Crying Some Yoga Tears


But before I get to the “ow” parts, my eats! Oh, and hello fellow lovely bloggers 🙂 Hope Hump Day has treated you well!

Today was the type of day that wore me out…completely. Everytime I tried to sit down and rest one of the kids would need something, or something would need to be done..I honestly don’t think I had a chance to sit down all day until about 4 o’clock!

Of course, there were swim lessons this morning. Before we left I munched on a Kashi granola bar with pb on top 🙂

Hehe. All of the duckies lined in a row, ready to swim in the pool 🙂 Poor kids had to swim in that freezing water this morning! The sun stayed behind dark clouds all morning, and I could just see John shivering from where I was sitting, haha.

When we made it back to the house I made all of the kids lunches, did a load of laundry, checked my email and finally made my lunch!

I used the above to make a granola/fruit mixture 🙂 Let me just say that I love, love, love lunches like this! It’s such an easy, refreshing meal to have in the middle of the day!

Mixed in a blueberry bowl with Kashi granola bar, kiwi and grapes….Mmmmmm, heaven in a bowl 🙂

After having this, I realized it wasn’t quite enough, so I went back to make a “finger foods” plate of hummus, carrots and tortilla chips that Grace didn’t want with her lunch 🙂 Glad to take them, my dear!

(I had maybe three of those carrots before tossing them…they had sort of a weird, dried out taste..but I ate all of the chips of course! Can’t waste those 🙂

Grace graciously (<–haha) wanted to share her birthday cake with me as well!! Sure, why not?! I had a sliver of some sort of fudge cake from Trader Joes.

It was good, but what I’m really looking forward to is the one her mom actually bakes from scratch at Grace’s Birthday party this Saturday! Their mom (my boss) is such an awesome cook!! Every year she makes the kids birthday cakes in her own kitchen instead of buying them a store bought one, and to me, that’s the way to go! Can’t wait to have a slice this weekend!!

The rest of the day went on very slowly. I helped the boys make a train track, and played “store” with Grace. Around 4 I headed into the kitchen for a quick snack:

Applesauce with raisins <—exciting, right?

Finally, it was time for me to go home! Once there, I tried and tried to walk Trixie around the neighborhood..hell, I even tried to push her out of the house so we could go, only to be laughed at by my neighbor…Pooh. She is such a stubborn dog (like mother, like daughter, haha). Oh well! Yoga time!!!

*Let me just say before I give you a recap of my yoga time, that I have been extremely sore in my back (all over) and my upper legs. The last time I did yoga was over a month ago, and I’m not that great at reminding myself to stretch after runs!*

With that said, my yoga time was mucho tough-o…lol. I can do all of the basic moves, but when I moved into low lunges and twisted lunges…Owwwwww!! My legs felt like they were going to burst on fire or something! I didn’t know that I had lost most of my flexibility! I used to be able to go so low with a lunge, and now it just is sore. It was a “hurts so good” kind of pain though. When I went into downward facing dog, I felt my whole back stretch….

…my ligaments were popping all over the place! It sounded like popcorn in my room, haha…or a 95 year old lady with joint problems, lol. Everytime I moved into a new stance, something would pop. During crow’s pose (<—one of my favs!) I started to feel the stretch in my lower back and it brought a few tears to my eyes 🙂 It felt soooo good to get all of that tension out!!

….and finally, ending in savasana…oh Lordy, I could’ve fallen asleep right then and there. Savasana is, by all means, my favorite pose. It relaxes me soooo much..anyone else feel this way? What’s your favorite yoga pose to do??

After a good, shaky 50 minute yoga segment, I was ready for some dinna!! And I knew exactly what I wanted 🙂

Spinach salad with cucumbers and mater, Annie’s Papaya dressing. Homemade pizza on a whole wheat pita pocket topped with sundried maters, spinach and carmelized onions, TJ pizza sauce, cheddar and mozerella cheesesHoly yum!!!

The broiler turned this pizza into a chewy, cheesy, delicious mess! ‘Twas very fun to eat! And of course, I thanked my body for doing yoga tonight by feeding it dark chocolate 🙂

—-Phew! That was a long post! Okay friends, I’m about to face-plant into my keyboard, so it’s time for me to hit the hay! See ya in the mornin’ bright eyed and bushy-tailed 🙂 Nighty night blogland!

PS. How often is yoga a part of your routine?? Fav pose?? After tonight, I will try to incorporate it at least once a week<—hold me to it 😉

The Big, Bad Storm and A Photoshoot

Good morning bloggie friends 🙂

First of all, I am sorry I didn’t blog last night! I have a handful of reasons that all just sort of came together..such as: I got off of work an hour late, had to take an (unexpected) exam, cook a late dinner…and then a big, ferocious storm swept through here!! Ahhhhhh!

Last night, as I was washing dishes in front of my big kitchen window, it began lightening and it started thundering like crazy, so I was a little skeered to go near anything electronic! I hurried to finish the dishes and then went into my bedroom to snuggle with my scaredy dog.

Don’t know about your animals, but Trixie practically has a heart attack every time she hears a loud noise. Thunderstorms are the only time she jumps up into the bed! But last night, she couldn’t seem to jump that high, so I had to climb off the bed to lift her 🙂 She was very grateful..So since I wasn’t blogging, guess what I did have time for?! A family photoshoot!! (Minus the cat, haha)

(Haha, this is her worried face. She had just heard a big crash of thunder 😦 Poor doggie)Hehe. And that concludes what I did last night 🙂 Trixie finally got sick of me taking pictures of her, so she jumped off the bed and went to lay with the cat lol.

This morning I woke up feeling not too stiff, but still a little sore from my run on Monday. Today is supposed to be a 4-miler day, but I am replacing it with yoga! I promised myself yesterday, but then time slipped away, so there are no excuses tonight! I need it!!

I had a cup of coffee while blog reading:

This coffee was very disgusting this morning! Perhaps I brewed it a little too strong today??

For breakfast I made a simple bowl of cinnamon Kashi, skim milk, naner, 3 strawberries and some flax seed sprinkled on top 🙂

This filled me up, but it’s the kind of “full” that leaves me feeling like I’ll be hungry again in the next two hours! Better take a snack to work!

Oh, and I’ll be blogging regularly tonight 🙂 Hope you guys have a wonderful Hump Day! Yay for the almost weekend 🙂 Whatcha got planned??

Yoga, Please!

Good morning!

I didn’t really sleep well at all last night 😦 But oh well, today is a new day! I’m in a better mood than last night..(in other words, the initial shock of my tuition bill has worn off) Haha.

This morning when I sat up to get out of bed, my back and neck spasmed!! My whole body feels very stiff and Bad Stacey for not stretching after your run yesterday!! I immediately thought of doing some yoga…I was actually craving yoga..but I told myself to wait until after work so that I may enjoy it more and not have to rush through it 🙂
But I did do some strength training!
100 bicycle crunches
100 left/right leg crunches
3×15 shoulder press
3×20 bicep curls
3×10 dumb bell rows
45 pushups
3×10 butterfly chest press
3×8 lateral arm raises
Whew! I sure felt strong after all of that!! Oh how I love strength training!
After getting dressed (in my yoga clothes, so I’ll be ready after work, te he), washing my face and brushing my teeth, it was time for some breakfast!
But first, coffee:

I know, I know. I know I said I would stay off of it for a while, but I don’t wanna feel like a slug all day..so one cup a day isn’t going to hurt me! Don’t judge me! Haha.

While sipping on a cup of joe, I started tossing things into the blender to make a green monster…and guess what?! It’s my best one ever!! (I think the fruit being frozen really makes a difference!!

In this cup:

  • 1/2 cup Stonyfield french vanilla fat free yogurt
  • 2 tsp pb
  • 1 frozen naner
  • 5 frozen strawberries
  • 1 handful ice
  • 2 big ‘ol handfuls spinach
  • 1/4 cup skim milk

Yummo! It came out sooo smooth and creamy, and not a watery liquid like it used to 🙂 I could’ve eaten it with a spoon, but I chose to take big gulps instead 🙂 Green monster mustaches are in, right? Hehe.

With my (wonderful) green monster, I heated up the last two muffins from Sunday. Smothered in buttah and blueberry jam and piping hot 🙂 Mmmmmmm…drool.

All of this liquid has my tummy stuffed and sloshing around, haha. I’d better go pack my lunch and head to work! Yoga is on my mind, and I’m soooo ready for it when I come home 🙂 Perhaps, candlelight yoga is in order?? 🙂

Have a great Tuesday guys! See you after work 🙂

It’s Always A Shock

Hey guys 🙂

I plan on blogging dinner, but first I need to vent!

I’ve been a tad emotional this afternoon..partly because for the life of me I cannot figure out how to change anything in Blogger! Or anything on my blog without messing it up! I spent 3 hours trying to get up a new header and a new template, but it screwed everything up…luckily I was able to go back to the original (which is boring to look at, so I apologize! I will change it one day! If I ever become Blogger-literate) 😦

The other reason is that I got my tuition bill (a week ago) and haven’t opened it until today because I wanted to have a good weekend (har har)…But after walking by it several times today, I figured I should go ahead and see what the damage is….Yikes!!!!! I’m not going to share what it is because I’m sure that a lot of you have a bill that is more than this…

…it’s just always a shock. I can’t ever save money..not because of my spending habits, but because by the time my bills are paid, there isn’t enough money to save. Something always needs to be paid for..new brakes, new tires, trixie’s medication, and the list goes on and on…

So when I opened that bill and saw how much it was, I just started to cry. I don’t have a cent of the money they are asking for. Every semester I have to get my tuition broken up into payments just so I can go to school..and just pray that I make that much…Paying for the down payment took everything out of my account today! I literally have 5 cents in my account until Friday. Ugh. It’s so stressful to have such a big tuition bill and not know where the money is going to come from 😦

That, doubled with my frustration with Blogger has just caused me to completely breakdown…instead of throwing my computer across the room (like I wanted to!), I just lay in my bed and cover my head with a pillow.

About 30 minutes later, I came in the kitchen to read your blogs while making a quick dinner. Honestly, I didn’t even care what I ate tonight..I just wanted my hunger to go away.

Amy’s Tomato Bisque Soup (<–my fav)

Toast with laughing cow wedge and spinach salad on the side.
I ate the whole can of soup…and am now on a sodium overload! It sure was tasty and comforting though 🙂

There skies here seem to be clouding over and there is that feeling of “electric air” outside…the kind you get right before a storm. I hope it does storm! Perhaps it would soothe me a little.
School starts on August 25th and I am so ready for it (minus the tuition thing)..I really miss all of my teachers and am ready to learn new things…the only bad thing about it, is that it makes me miss work, which means my paycheck gets smaller 😦 But only one year left…I found a way to get through it last year, so I’m sure it will work itself out this year as well.
Sorry if I’ve been a downer tonight, it just gets hard sometimes…ya know? I’m off to climb in my bed and do a little reading. See ya 🙂

Energy in Disguise

Hey bloggies 🙂

Hope your Monday hasn’t been too manic! Mine has been a bit weird…

After my last post, I shut down the computer, went into my room to start picking up my clothes and ended up just plopping on the bed…And guess what?! I was completely out for two hours!!

I woke up around 1 pm with a full-blown headache, and feeling very disoriented.

I am blaming the lack of coffee this morning. But you know what? I didn’t want coffee this morning because it’s been making me feel groggy and even more tired in the afternoons. After conking out for that long unexpectedly, I realize how tired my body actually is. Not that I will never drink coffee agian, but I’m off of it for at least a few days. It’s only giving me fake energy, and I think it would be so nice to wake up and eat a breakfast and feel as energized as coffee makes me feel..but we will see. Guess I need to be getting the right amount of sleep, and really start listening to my body when it’s trying to tell me something!!

Sorry for going on a tangent there, but I never, ever take afternoon naps..so when I woke up not even remembering falling asleep…it got me thinking.

Needless to say, my “energy” has been a little low today..the only clean room in my house is the kitchen (haha). But, as long as that room is clean, then the others can wait 🙂

Trixie and I took a quick walk around the block earlier, but she practically dragged me back home because of the heat..We only walked for about 10 minutes and she’s been sleeping like a baby all afternoon, hehe.

I took her for a ride to the grocery store to get some things that I couldn’t find at wal-mart yesterday, then came home to make lunch!

While making lunch, I sipped on an Honest Tea…
As you may remember, my first encounter with this was bad 😦 I didn’t like the passionfruit flavor at all, but today I tried the Peach Oo-Loo Long flavor and changed my mind 🙂 This was very tasty and refreshing! The subtle hints of peach are what sold me, haha.

Yesterday, I found this in the produce aisle, and thought I might give it a try!
For my main lunch dish, I had a Morningstar Veggie pattie in a whole wheat pita with ketchup, bbq sauce, spinach and tomato.

On the side, some broccoli cole slaw with light miracle whip, raisins and pepper mixed together. Yummmo! I loved how crunchy this stuff was! Much better than regular cole slaw, and definitely healthier too 🙂

All together now:

Mmm, this pita bread was so chewy and delicious! This meal was totally satisfying in every way 🙂 And what meal would be complete without dark chocolate??

This is the Ghirardelli Toffee Interlude dark chocolate <—one of my favorites! Along with an episode of Scrubs (via Hulu), it was the perfect lunch 🙂

Whoa, it’s 4:15 already!! I haven’t even started remodeling my blog! But at least I am caught up on all of your blogs 🙂 Doesn’t look like I’m going to clean my entire house today, but I do need to go pay my school tuition (uck) and start brainstorming how I want my “new” blog to look, hehe.

See you in a bit!
P.S. Random question for ya, what type of skincare products do you guys use??

Lead Foot

Good morning!

I slept pretty well last night, besides the cat lying on my head and purring, it went on uninterrupted!
This morning Jasons alarm went off and of course, I set straight up, got out of bed and started my day. I changed into my running clothes, had some water and a Cliff Blueberry Crisp bar, and headed to my running destination!

The greenway was packed! I was surprised to see so many people there! Upon hopping out of my car, I immediately started my HR monitor and began my 5 mile run.

How was it?? Eh. The first two miles were the worst! I think I was just thinking too much…about my form, stride and heart rate…Not only that, but my feet felt like they weighed 1,000 pounds! Every step was hard 😦 When the halfway mark showed itself, I was glad to take a rest for a few seconds, get my hair off the back of my neck, and do a little stretching.

The stretching must’ve helped because the second half of my run was great! My stride was steady, my legs felt lighter and it definitely felt better to have my hair off of my neck! Here are my stats:
Distance: 5.06 miles
Duration: 43 min 13 seconds
Max HR: 194
Avg HR: 185
Kcals burned: 467
I’m not even going to attempt to do the math to see how fast that was, haha.
After my run, I chugged some water and came back home for a quick shower and then some breakfast!
Todays breakfast: Oats!! Yay 🙂 I usually make my oats using the microwave, but today I did them stovetop to see if there would be a difference…and there was. The texture is more enjoyable on the stove, and creamier too! While my oats were cooking I made a mug of hot green tea 🙂
My oats included:
  • 1/3 cup skim milk
  • 1/3 cup water
  • dash of salt
  • 1/2 mashed banana
  • tsp pb
  • dash of flax seeds
  • strawberries/ 1/2 banana on top
  • Kashi Vive sprinkled over

‘Twas a yummy, filling breakfast. I feel perfectly full 🙂 Feels like I have a ton of things to do today, luckily they all are things I have to do from home. First and foremost, the kitchen needs to be scrubbed and sanitized! Then the rest of the rooms need to be cleaned, and later this afternoon I have some computer-y things to do (eh hem, work on the blog) and some school stuff as well 🙂

Better get started! I’ll be back for lunch! Oh and I’ll be making some changes to the blog, so if you stop by and see some weird things, no worries, haha. The finishing touches should be done tonight 🙂

Have a lovely day bloggies!!

Out of My Comfort Zone

Hey guys!

My night has been pretty uneventful! I walked Trixie around the block, and she pretty much sprinted back to the house to get out of the heat (96 degrees!! Yikes!).

Jas and I watched a bit of Lost in our jammies..and then my tummy started to rumble. The guy has been asking for an omelet for as long as I can remember…and for some reason, I have a really hard time having breakfast at dinner time! I’m actually very close-minded when it comes to that sort of thing.

Like, no dinner foods for breakfast, no “whole meal foods” for snack..ect. But, tonight (since Jas was practically begging) I gave in, got out of my comfort zone a little..and had breakfast for dinner!

And boy, was I glad I did!! 🙂 My dinner turned out to be wonderfully simple and delicious at the same time.
I made an omelet with two eggs, spinach, salt & pepper, onion, monterey jack and cheddar cheeses..with cut up farmers market tomato on top!

Wheatberry toast with butter on the side 🙂

This dinner was so cheesy, melty and the flavor of the tomato was amazing! I’m so glad I have two more waiting for me, haha.

After dinner I nibbled on some dark chocolate chips to cure my raging sweet tooth 🙂

This hit the spot 🙂

For some reason, I feel so tired. When I mentioned this to Jason, he goes “What from? You haven’t done anything today?!” Uhhhh…I dunno. I’m just tired. Hey, I did walk around Carowinds for 8 hours straight yesterday! I really want to have a deep sleep tonight, and wake up feeling refreshed, but I’m going to try to do it naturally instead of taking a sleeping pill!

A 5-miler is planned for sometime tomorrow, so I’d better go rest these legs!

Hope you guys had a great weekend 🙂 See you in the morning for an oat-tastic breakfast!! Sleep tight blogland!