Pass Me a 40

miler that is 🙂 (<—-NERD.)

I learned a lot on today’s bike ride. Such as:

  1. 40 mile ride requires bike shorts.
  2. I do not like to ride for a long amount of time on a busy road!
  3. 40 mile ride requires bike shorts.
  4. Jason is a fast guy.
  5. 40 mile ride requires bike shorts!!!!
Let’s just say that I would’ve been a lot more comfy with bike shorts! Lesson learned.

Before we left, I put a scoop of this into my water bottle.

Heed has all natural ingredients, 100 kcals per scoop along with a ton of vitamins and minerals! No protein though 😦 This drink is used as a fuel source and best used when it is consumed while doing rigorous activity, and not before. This flavor is Strawberry, and blegh. Me no likey! I threw the last 1/4th of it on the ground.

The beginning of the bike ride went very smoothly and before we knew it, we were at our halfway point! Our 20 mile mark 🙂 Time to stop, have a snack and take a quick rest!

My kashi bar was waiting for me 🙂 Feelin’ good!

This was pretty much our view the whole time we were riding! Lot’s of fields, cows, horses and tractors 🙂 Gotta love South Carolina!

There were also plenty of these types of stops as well:Actually, times this picture by 3, haha. I had to remind Jason that he was riding with a girl, which equals more stops 🙂 When you gotta go, you gotta go!

I was doing fine until mile 32 started…ohhh my goodness, the hills! Every corner we turned took us straight to monstrous hills! There were a few times when I was literally going 3 mph! I got through it though, with no tears, might I add 🙂 Even though at times I felt like I could cry!

I was so glad to see the turn to the parking lot!!

We got out of there and headed home, and while Jas brought the bikes in I whipped us up some Green Monsters for hydrating purposes 🙂

I used: light vanilla soymilk, 1 tsp almond butter, 1 tsp dark choc pb, 1/2 banana, 2 handfuls of spinach and some ice. YUMMO!

While chugging, er I mean sipping on this I put together some lunch!

Morningstar chicken pattie on a bun with ketchup and pickles. On the side: yogurt with Kashi, blueberries and chopped up candied pecans.

An oat and cherry cookie for dessert!I feel like I could eat the whole kitchen, cabinets and all! I know that I burned a massive amount of calories after 3 hours on the bike, so I will be snacking throughout the afternoon. Jas is going to go plant some tomatoe’s outside, I would love to help but I think the couch is calling my name!

See you guys later tonight! Mexican lasagna on the menu for dinner, yay!!

PS. I also ate half of a Snicker Marathon bar around mile 30 but no pic!

Eager McBeaver

Ughhhh…what time is it?!

Last night I had a dream that I was in a boxing match, haha. I heard the alarm go off at who-knows what time, slept for ten more minutes after and then rolled out of bed. Meh.

My upper body is soo sore from yesterdays strength training! A feel-good kind of sore though 🙂

After feeding the animals, and letting Trixie out I made some hot tea (green) and sat down to check my email. No pic though cos my stupid camera batteries had to charge.

Jason is looking at me like “I can’t believe you are blogging, let’s go!!” I’m still in my pj’s!!! He doesn’t quite realize that I have woken up before the crack of dawn to run, but never to bike, haha. This is a first for me!

For breakfast, I wanted something quick and easy so we could get out the door! Multigrain Cheerios, skim, banana and dried cranberries made it’s way into a bowl 🙂

I can’t wait to have a Green Monster when we get back!! I seriously love those things! It’s such an easy way to get in a veggie 🙂

Okay, I better get ready before Jason’s head explodes from anticipation, haha. That would actually be a funny sight 🙂 Alright folks, I’ll be taking a bunch of pics! See you when I get back from my first 40-miler!!

I leave you with a song that I truly hate, but no matter what, it always gets stuck in my head!! Arg. If you like her, then to each his own! No offense meant 🙂

What’s a song that you guys can’t stand but always sing along to? I’m curious to know!

Tee Time!!

Hello friends!
We have had such a busy afternoon and evening here!

I got a pic of Jason drinking his Green Monster haha. He actually likes them! Looks like we are going to have to start buying the “big boy” bags of spinach 🙂

After cleaning up the house and taking showers, we decided that we were up for doing something outside. We knew just the thing 🙂

As we were driving to the place, a strange ice cream craving hit and I had the boyfriend pull in to TCBY and I came out with a delicious waffle cone with chocolate ice cream. It hit the spot 🙂
Soon after, we arrived at our destination: Tee Time! Tee Time is a golfing place where you can rent golf balls and golf clubs and have at it on on their course 🙂 Before we left I snacked on some candied pecans! Future Tiger Woods in action:
Now, I am not the best golfer obviously, and right when we started I was getting really pissed off because they were only going like 3 inches in front of me every time I would hit one! I hate not being able to do something! Seeing my frustration, my lovely boyfriend came over to my spot and showed me how to hold my club and what kind of motion to move in when swinging 🙂 They got a lot better after that! Thanks honey!!
Whoa! Look how far that one went!
Haha. Just kidding, it went like 5 feet in front of me, lol.

Well, we had the rest of the day to do pretty much whatever we wanted. We thought about seeing a movie but we ended up going to the book store instead! He read his Cycling magazine while I read trashy celebrity gossip magazines (<—–they are my guilty pleasure!) I never buy them though because they don't teach me anything, but everytime we are in Books-A-Million I catch up on all the celebrity bruhaha.

Tonight was going to be mexican lasagna night, but since it was such a pretty day and we were already out we decided to be treated to mexican 🙂 We wound up at On the Border! What makes it even better is that we got to sit outside! Yay!

Upon sitting down I immediately ordered a water and a Corona Light:

I ordered the Veggie burrito with queso sauce on the side and a side salad with it. In the burrito: grilled zuccini, squash, onion, mushrooms, black beans and cheese. Mmmm. Holy ooey, gooey, cheesy, messy goodness 🙂
I ate every.single.bite. Twas delicious 🙂

Two hours later, we are home and Jas wants to go to bed early so we can get up early to go on our 40 mile bike ride. I’d beg to differ, please. He wants to get up early to “beat the heat” and I guess he is right, but I am seriously so sick of getting up to a set alarm clock! Arg.

But, on the contrary, we don’t have any other plans besides our bike ride tomorrow so I guess I can always come home and try to nap. Or maybe just lounge around 🙂 Hope your weekend is going great!

See you bright and early in the morning before we head out! Nighty night blogworld 🙂

Greenway and a Green Monster

Meganerd, ever since you changed your layout I can’t leave comments on your blog!! And I wanna! I couldn’t find your email anywhere to tell you this, so I am now broadcasting it on my blog, lol 🙂

Anywho! Good morning…well, er I mean good afternoon!

Boy oh boy did I get some sleep last night! I was completely out once that sleep aid kicked in. I actually slept for over nine hours without intteruption, I also woke up in the exact same position that I fell asleep in! Talk about a good nights sleep 🙂 I am so thankful for that!

With that being said, I probably could’ve slept all day, but I heard my phone vibrating in the other room and then realized that I was supposed to meet my mom at the greenway! I got out of bed (groggily, might I add) called her back, threw on some clothes, grabbed up the doggie and headed for the car.

That’s when things got weird. While loading Trixer into the car I heard this strange noise coming from somewhere close by. It sounded like a little kid screaming or some kind of animal that was seriously hurt 😦 For the life of me, I could not figure out where it was coming from! I open my car door and it cries out again, so I figure it might be under my car. I bend under to look but I don’t see anything, but I definitely am right near it. So I walk around the car and when I get near the hood it sounds as if I am right beside it. I lay on the ground and slide myself under the engine of my car this little itty bitty kitten is stuck in my engine!!!!!
It sees me and start crying out louder and giving me this look like “Save me!!” So I call to it just to see how much it can move and it puts its paws down and I am able to reach it so I pull it out. It’s back foot had been stuck between two engine parts!!! 😦 That was CLOSE.

I have no idea where this little cute thing came from, but it started purring and rubbing all over my feet and legs, so I decided to give it a little food. By now, I was running late on meeting my mom, so I called her and explained what happened. I leave some food outside for the kitten and head on my way!
For “breakfast” I ate an Odwalla bar and a banana. With a coffee 🙂
This flavor from Odwalla is the only one I can stand. I’m not sure the other flavors are for me.

We get to the greenway and I see my mommy! What a beautiful day to have a walk 🙂

So beautiful in fact, we took some pics 🙂

This white cat (that apparantly glows) is always on the greenway!

My mommy and Trixie 🙂
Trixie giving me kisses 🙂 I love this one!Soon after she found some water in a drain, haha. I thought it was funny that only her butt was sticking out, lol…I still do, lol.
My mom and I walked 3 miles, and that was all Trixie could handle. She hates being out in the heat!
The whole way home I was really excited to see if the kitten was still there, but he wasn’t 😦 Oh well, at least I don’t have another mouth to feed! Maybe he will come back? He reminds me of my cat that I had when I was 7 named Spooky. He was gray and white just like this little kitten was!

Once home, Trixie fell right asleep (like I knew she would) so I set up my workout equipment outside and proceeded to do some strength training in the front yard!

Here is what I did:

100 bycicle crunches
100 side-leg crunches
3 sets of 20 lateral arm raise
3 sets of 20 parallel arm raise
3 sets of 20 arm curls
3 sets of 15 jumping squats <—-love these!
45 bench dips
60 pushups!!!
3 sets of 20 butterfly chest press

And yes, my chest muscles are SORE! It must’ve been the coffee that got me through that workout!

I immediately came in to fix my first Green Monster!! More thought would’ve went into the ingredients if I weren’t so shaky and dying for food! But here is my blend: 2 big handfuls of spinach, ice, skim milk, 1/2 banana, few mango chunks, 2 (big) teaspoons of almond butter.

Let me just say…………YUMMO!!! I seriously like drinking spinach better than eating it! I can’t even taste it!! The one thing that would’ve made it better might be flavored soy milk, like maybe vanilla? It’s really tasty though, I highly recommend trying, if you can get past the color of it!!

On the side: the last granola bar 😦 Still delicious though 🙂

Jason just came in from his bike ride and guess what?! He wants a Green Monster too!!!! Gotta love a man that will drink a spinach smoothie haha. I am off to make him one and to see where the rest of this beautiful day takes us!

See you in a bit, enjoy your weekend!!

Pizza from Stacey Hut

Look at me! It’s after 10 PM and I’m still awake, well barely 🙂
My plan to cycle has totally gone down the drain. First, I had to load my car, which, when finished, looks like this:

Then I had to unload my car. UGH. The only thing I didn’t unload was my bike, and I didn’t notice this until I had gotten ready to ride! No energy to go unload it and put it together.

You’ll have to excuse me if my wording is choppy and all over the place! I am so. freaking. tired. A week of crappy sleep has finally gotten to me. My eyes are burning and Jas has found me a Tylenol PM (thank God!)
This morning when I got to work I finished off the Diet Dr. Pepper I bought yesterday.

I ran errands with John and we went to the spray grounds at Latta Park. It was such a nice day! A little hot though 🙂 They were calling for rain but it never did, woot woot! Finally, a day without rain!
For lunch: Spring salad mix, tomatoes, mushrooms, feta cheese and Goddess dressing.

On the side: mango and toast with laughing cow cheese wedge spread across!
Jello pudding with chocolate chips for dessert. Mmmm…and I might have munched a few while fixing this 🙂

After this dessert, I found the package of pecans in my bag and had a few of those! I meant to put them in my salad but forgot that I had them. The rest of the afternoon was a pretty usual one. We went to the library and to the park, once home I snacked on some toast with pb and jam.
After I got home, I threw some necessities in my bag and threw all of my crap into the car. Since Jason was still at work (at 7!! Poor him 😦 I knew dinner wouldn’t be for a while, so I snacked on one of my homemade oat bars. Not pictured, sorry! Camera was already in the car.

Unloading was a pain in the rear, as it usually is! I don’t like packing and I loathe unpacking even more! To help ease the stress I had a Landshark:
About an hour later, Jas arrived and I started dinner! It’s pizza night! We made homemade pizza with ingredients from Trader Joes!
I used their pizza dough (whole wheat) and this sauce:

On top of the pizza went red and green peppers, onion, mushrooms, mozerella cheese and the creamiest goat cheese I have ever had!

Seriously, the goat cheese practically made the pizza. The taste was perfect 🙂
My serving with a spinach and tomato salad on the side:

Okay, Tylenol is kicking in. I better brush my teeth and head to bed for a (cross my fingers) good nights sleep!

I’m feeling a little guilty about not working out yesterday or today, but I realize that sleep is more important. My body is saying “Rest me!” so I will obey 🙂 See you guys in the morning! Different mood, different day! Yay for the weekend!

The Right Shoe

When I first started running, a little over a year ago, I didn’t have any idea about anything that had to do with running!

Thanks to multiple “Runner’s World” magazines and an ex-runner (turned cyclist) for a boyfriend, I am a bit more educated on the sport 🙂

These were my first “running shoes”:
I’m just going to be blunt and say they suck. They claim to be running shoes, but after 4 months are only pieces of crap that leave your feet numb and tingling. Possibly even hurting!

After a few bad runs in these babies, my boyfriend informed me that it is really important to have the right shoes when running avidly. He then took me (by surprise) to a specialty running store in Charlotte that was famous for sponsoring all sorts of races and for being the best running store in the city 🙂

Most runners, especially ones that are new to running, aren’t aware that (most) running stores offer a free running consultation.

At Run For Your Life, this is what they did: Asked me to take off my shoes and run back and forth several times. He then held my foot in his hand to see how high of an arch I had. This is mostly what they base the shoe on. After doing the consultation, he informed me that I needed a shoe that has more cushion and comfort because I have a high arch.

Here is a video that can help you decide what type of arch you have:

There are several thousand types of running shoes out there. Some claim to be “running shoes” and others are running shoes. Among the thousand are four main types of running shoes:


You will need a motion control shoe if you have a low arch or if you are a moderate or severe overpronator.

A stability-control shoe is for a runner with a mild-moderate pronation that have a low to normal arch. Shoes that have good support and midsole cushioning are best for these runners.

If you have a high or normal arch with mild pronation a shoe that has neutral-cushioning is best for you. These types of shoes provide the most midsole cushioning.

Lastly, if you are racing or if you are constantly training for something you should go with a performance-training shoe that is abundant in support and cushioning. These shoes tend to weigh 10 ounces or less.

And this website will give you a shoe list that will give you only the best!

Now, meet my lovies:

Nike Vomero Zooms for Women. This shoe=heaven. These provide me with sooo much support and cushioning, there have been a few runs where I literally can’t even tell that I am running!

I hope this helps! Happy Running!

I’ll be back once dinner finishes to post lunch and well, dinner! See you lata!

AC Malfunction = Sleep Deprivation

At 2:32 AM a certain someone woke me up 😦 MEH. Jason rolled over and says “Babbbyyyy, I can’t sleep.” It was weird because I was also awake too. We figured out the problem. My (only) window AC unit was sputtering and clinking like it was about to die if it had to put out any more air, so Jas leaned over and turned it off.

He went right back to sleep. I, on the other hand, stayed wide awake! It. was. so. hot. I hate feeling all sticky and sweaty, especially when I am trying to sleep! My alarm was set for 5, but after checking the clock at 3, then again at 4:30 I just went ahead and got out of bed.

I cleaned up my kitchen and started packing for Jason’s (!! should’ve done this last night!), put my bike in the living room and the trainer along with it, so I can ride after he does tonight 🙂

Today is usually my strength training day, but I plan on doing cardio tonight and strength tomorrow, and guess what?

We have a 40 mile bike ride planned for Sunday!! That will be the longest I’ve ridden before! Jas says that I might be sore afterwards since I don’t own bike shorts, but we will see!

This morning I wanted something light and refreshing after last night’s dinner. I opted for Kashi H2H with banana, blackberries and skim. Green tea on the side!

Coffee is nagging me at the back of my brain saying “Fix me! Drink a glass of me!”. No thanks! Not today, coffee!

Hope everyone has a great day! Three cheers for Friday, woot woot woot! Please, oh please, let this day go by fast!!

Don’t Get the Dietician Started

Sorry for not posting last night!

Over dinner Jas mentioned that he wants to lose 10 pounds to become faster on his bike. Welllll…me being the future dietician that I am wanted to make sure that he would still be at a healthy weight (the boy is skinny) if he lost that much!

Once I get started with all of my formulas and books, it’s hard for me to stop 🙂 I ended giving Jason a whole nutritional assessment, lol. Not only did I tell him what his ideal body weight is, I also told him his body mass index (BMI), how many calories he should be eating a day, how many grams of protein, how many milliliters of fluid, and many calories he needs to cut out in order to lose a pound a week 🙂 Yes, once the dietetic ball gets rolling it doesn’t stop!

My kitchen table became my desk, I had all of my textbooks open, just to check and make sure I was right 🙂 Stuff like that is fun! It’s so cool because I have a program in my computer that can tell me how many calories I am eating daily, it also tells me the macronutrients, and given all of that stuff it personalizes my own Food Guide Pyramid. It tells me how much of each food group I should be getting for my body. All you have to do is take a 3 day diary of everything that you eat and plug it in! I’ve advised Jason to do this so he can make sure he loses the right kind of weight, and not just water weight or muscle mass.

Oh gah. Sorry about that! I get carried away! Anywho, last night we went 2 blocks down to Asian Garden!! We probably could’ve walked there (we do that sometimes) but I was too hungry, so we went to pick it up! Not only is Asian Garden decently priced, but the chef there has some sort of high culinary degree from Japan and has been cooking for over 14 years. And, on top of that, I am some what of a picky orderer and I always get the same thing when I go there and he knows exactly how to fix my order!

Last night was no different: I ordered the Asian Summer Vegetable Medley. This includes zuccini, squash, water chestnuts, broccoli, onion, mushrooms, snow peas and carrots. Instead of the fried rice I get rice noodles with NO SAUCE, and a veggie eggroll.
Jas and I split the eggroll. On top of my asian mess, I sprinkled pepper and two packets of spicy mustard. YUM! This put me over the top of course, but it was just what I was craving!
Oh and friends, as for the shoe post, I have it all ready, but I just need to post it! Jas is an ex-runner and he taught me a lot about running shoes, where to go and sometimes getting second opinions. That being said, I want to give it the full attention it deserves! I was going to do it last night but was elbow deep in formulas, and this morning feels to rushed. BUT tonight is perfect because he is going to be riding his bike on the trainer this evening! I can’t wait to post it, I’ve got some great info to share!
Thanks for being patient 🙂 See you at breakfast!
PS. I should probably put some sort of disclaimer on here lol, I am NOT a dietetic tech yet, but I do have the knowledge it takes to make assessments! I just can’t practice them publicly 🙂 I love doing them though, it’s so fun!

Where’s The Off Switch On This Thing?!

Seems like deep breathing saved again today.

Holy moly, the kids were all over the place today! As you know, I am a nanny for 3 (most-of-the-time wonderful) kids, but oh my gah. Today I just couldn’t keep up with them! One was trying to talk over the other and vice versa I literally said “If you guys don’t quiet down, my head is going to explode all over the place, and you will have to clean it up.” They of course, thought this was funny.

Despite it being very cloudy, we were outside most of the day. The boys kept wanting me to play all of these games, and I did some of them, but finally I sat down on the sidewalk and said “I just can’t move anymore! Go play by yourselves!” Oh how I wish today was Friday. Hopefully they will be more tame tomorrow.

Needless to say, the hint of a headache started above my right eye around 2…then around 4 it was a headache so I pulled out some Tylenol. Nope. Didn’t help. Oh well.
Jas texted me and said his day has been pretty rough too, so maybe we can complain to each other all night and get it out of our systems! I am waiting on him to get here right now so we can eat!

Oh yeah, food. That’s what we here for, right? Haha.
Okay 🙂 This morning I stopped and got one of these:

In usual Stacey-fashion I only drank half.

Around 10 my tummy was growling and John and I were heading out the door for the park so I quickly inhaled one of homemade oat bars. Mmmmm a good chocolate snack mid-morning! Felt like a treat 🙂

We played and yada yada yada. And just like the past two days, when we came home we ate lunch! Actually, I wasn’t that hungry so I fixed his lunch and read the paper. By the time he was done, I was hungry so here is what I made…or heated up 🙂

Leftover chili with broccoli (parmesan on top), mixed greens with Amy’s Goddess dressing and an orange.

As I was eating this, I was thinking that toast would’ve made this meal complete, but not to worry! I replaced the toast with dessert 🙂 Two graham crackers with milk.Two hours later (duh) I was back in the kitchen for some Trader Joe’s O’s. Yay! Jas is here!! Guess what? We are going to my favorite asian place for dinner! Post to come later tonight! Thank goodness, I was getting close to gnawing on my arm 🙂

See you in a bite…errr…I mean bit 😉

Don’t Worry, Be Happy


Holy crap I almost forgot to post this morning. Ever since I’ve gotten out of bed I’ve been taking my time with things. I actually had time for a relaxing bubble bath this morning!
But then 6:30 rolls around and I see that I haven’t blogged yet, arg!
This morning for breakfast I had 2 waffles smothered in dark choc. pb, a banana and drizzle of syrup on top 🙂
Con cafe!

Well, of course I don’t have time to introduce you to my shoes because I have to leave in ten minutes! I plan on doing a long post tonight about running shoes, how to buy them, what type of shoe is right for different types of feet, and then you can meet my lovely ladies 🙂

I hope everyone has a great Thursday! Thanks for the kind words last night, I am still a little saddened but I’m not going to let it get the best of me! Yay for one more day till Friday, WOOT WOOT!

Jason coming tonight!

PS. I leave you with one of my favorite feel good songs 🙂 Enjoy!