Game Day!

I think I am up so early because I was too excited to sleep any longer! Today is Panter game day and it is taking everything I have not to run into the bedroom screaming “GAme day game day!”…Jason is still asleep 🙂 He would think I was crazy, and we can’t have that can we? Haha, maybe I will just wait until I see him starting to wake up…..

Well, the sun was shining into my room..and I thought “Lets do this!” I wanted to get my day started off right away, so I immediatley fixed myself a bowl of oats that contained: oats, skim, dash of salt, pb, naner and a small drizzle of syrup on top. (Sorry the pic is so bright, it was very sunny all over my house this morning! Cant complain though, right?)

Now that I am stuffed with breakfast, I am finally going to take Trixie on a walk! It has been raining most of the week, so we have only had time for sprints around the block, but today I am going to take full advantage of the sunshine and take her a mile or two.How could I say no to this face?!

When I return, I plan on doing loads of laundry and setting up the bike trainer so I can ride inside, and let me tell you, I cannot wait to get on that bike!! Ever since Jason bought it for me, I have been dying to ride..and we have gone on a few rides, whenever the weather permits, but now that it is winter..we are having to wait until spring to go back out..I am so glad that he got me into cycling! He is very big into it, and when the summer time rolls around he will be doing all of these races, last year he did “Tour De Sylva”..and that was his first all day mountain ride! I was so proud of him for finishing 🙂 I plastered my fridge with pics of that day, haha…u can tell we love our bikes 😉Okay, I am off to brace the cold! I will be back for lunch…hope everyone has a great Saturday!

I Made It!

Yay! I made it through the day! I was super busy with the kids this afternoon, they had a friend over and were all over the place! Anywho, I am now home and chillaxin with the boyfriend, who I am very, very happy to see 🙂 Awww…love..haha.

Anyway, this morning for a snack I ate a Kashi bar and a small glass of skim.

That barely held me until lunch, so when lunchtime came around, I had to remind myself to eat slow and savor it. I whipped up a sauteed zucchini, squash, mushrooms, on top of brown rice with part-skim mozzerella, and a teaspoon of sour cream on a whole wheat wrap. Phew! That was a lot to write! On the side, half of an orange and a big jug of water 🙂 I couldn’t even fit the wrap into my mouth, so I ate half of it like a taco, and the other half with my fork. For dessert: a thin, broken, yummy slice of orange cake the boss made..and a small choc square to fill my chocolate craving for the afternoon. Delish!This afternoon, I wasn’t very hungry for a snack but knew that Jas and I wouldn’t be eating until kind of late, so I ate a few baby carrots with a spoonful of hummus..sorry for the pic, I was being called upon!
On the way home, Jason informed me that he wasn’t in the mood for chili, so we are cooking one of the recipes I had planned for this weekend. Smoked Gouda and Macoroni and Cheese Casserole. We tweeked it a little 🙂 Our recipe includes:

skim milk, spinach, smart balance, s+p, flour, macoroni noodles, parm cheese, and mozzerella cheese, with a crumbled up peice of bread on top. Yummoo. <–I've been saying that a lot lately, thats cos all of this food is yummoo!! I am having green tea with dinner as well.

(the fog is steam 🙂

Tomorrow our breakfast and lunch will be at home, and then we are headed to the Panthers playoff game!! Woo hoo!! So excited!! We are actually having a date night and going to dinner somewhere pre-game, but the place is undecided as of now. I plan on cycling on the trainer in the morning in the comfort of my own home! See you in the morning, hope everyone has a great start to the weekend!

Woot Woot

Yay! Today is Friday woot woot woot!! I slept so good last night, I woke up 15 minutes late this morning, so that caused me to be 15 min late to the gym! I only had time for:

20 min on elliptical, 3 sets of bicycle crunches, 20 pushups, and 3 sets of chest presses..and I had to rush back home to get ready for work! I wasn’t that hungry at the gym or when I got home, so I decided to shower first, then eat breakfast. I picked out the cute plate that I bought at Target yesterday, isn’t sooo adorable?!

On my yum plate went 2 kashi waffles, pb, banana and 1/4 cup of syrup. Now I am taking the trash out and heading to work! I hope the day goes by fast so I can see my honey tonight 🙂 I think we are having veggie chili…mmm…have a great day, and celebrate…cos it’s almost the weekend!! See you tonight.


Wow. My eating is sooo out of whack today! Or maybe it’s just my body being out of whack. I have been very thirsty all day, and very carby…

Even though I didn’t go to the gym, and got a good amount of sleep…my restfullness dissapeared quickly! I almost fell asleep at the breakfast table twice! My body was in total carb-mode today. I’m wondering if it is the lack of coffee?? I switched out my morning cup for some green tea…and it is only 7 pm and I feel as if I could go straight to bed…weird.

Anywho, this morning I had a peice of whole wheat toast w/ pb 🙂 I’m lovin it.

After playing with the little one most of the morning, I decided to eat some lunch. Look what I found in the grocery store!! Any time I find a new Kashi product I practically have a conniption right there in the aisle. Wenesday I found that they have made new granola bars!! 4 kinds!!! I called Jason and shrieked in a high-pitched voice “Guess whattt baby?!” I am definitley going to buy some once I get done with the two boxes I have here.

I was doubtful that this little pocket could keep me full until I glanced at the nutritonal info, 10 g protein, whooaaaa….okay little guy, you do your magic. I paired it with a small spinach salad w/ tom, feta and rasp. vingerette dressing, baby carrots and a spoonful of hummus. I didn’t eat the tomato in the salad because they tasted funny. Being a Kashi fanatic, I have to say I wasn’t crazy about the veggie pocket. It was a little too spicy for my taste, and the veggies, though there were a lot in there, were drown out by all of the spices. Oh well, maybe next time! For dessert, I had two choc squares, and then 30 min later I went back for a small handful of M&M’s 🙂 And about 2 hours after that, my mouth wanted more! I swear, I was an unstoppable force today! So I cut out a slice of cranberry-orange bread that my boss made (she is an awesome baker!) and had an 8 oz glass of skim milk with it (seemed to be missing my dairy today) pic though, I chugged it too fast!
Now that I am home, I heated up some Annies Mac n Cheese, with a side of broccoli for dinner. Seem like a big plateful? Thats cos it is!! My eyes are bigger than my tummy today, and I have to say that I cannot wait to get in the gym tomorrow..hopefully the sauna will be fixed so I can sweat some of this retained water out! I have been gulping it down like there is no tomorrow!
Okay. I am off to do the dishes, and take a hot bath with a nice book..then it is to bed for me. I plan on getting up around 4am so I can make it to the gym and have time for a long run before work, let’s hope I get some decent shut-eye tonight! Tomorrow the boyfriend is coming over, and he is bringing my road bike back over here so I can ride! Yay!! I have a few recipes planned out for this weekend that I am excited to try, so stay tuned 🙂 Have a great night, see you bright and early!

Back At It

Morning! I feel better this morning than I have in a longggg time! I had a very deep sleep last night, and just to take full advantage of it, I skipped the gym and stayed in bed. I have been every single day this week, and I need a break today, but I do have a run planned for tomorrow morning 🙂

Okay, on to my breakfast! I wanted something quick, so I grabbed a box of Kashi Go Lean (Honey Almond Flax) and added skim milk and a naner 🙂 Yummoo. Im not really sure this will hold me for a long period of time. I usually get hungrier, faster during the day when I skip out on my morning peanut butter, but we shall see!

Well, I am off to work! I will be posting lunch and dinner when I get home tonight! Hope everyone has a great day, and that it isn’t too cold where you are! (Speaking of, I need to go warm up my car 🙂

Bad Blogger Alert!

I am a bad blogger! Butttt, I do have an excuse 🙂 I have had a terrible terrible sinus infection for almost a week! Ack!
My food has been the same, if not, decreased slightly due to lack of appetite. I have been doing yoga and going to the gym…I feel pretty tired today, but pictures will start again tomorrow!

I vow from now on to be a better blogger, I pinky swear lol.
See you tomorrow, thanks for hangin in there!

Larry Sprinkler Lied

Today was supposed to be sunny! I woke up this morning around 7:30, and saw that it was rainy..but I kept my optimism that the sky might clear up..but it hasn’t. I went back to bed, and woke up at 10:30!! I can’t believe I slept that long! I didn’t even go to bed late last night or anything. Weird.

Jason and I are working on finishing our puzzle (yes, we are a bunch of puzzle freaks…we have done about 6…we just think it’s fun 🙂 Last night, I slept fine, but I woke up to find my throat sore, eyes watery, stuffy nose…uck. I knew I was getting sick last week! The kids all have been sick at some point, and I was just waiting for my turn, guess it’s here!
I was really craving some oats when I woke up this morning butttt, I thought I had better have something different. I ended having 2 scrambled eggs, whole wheat english muffin with smart balance, and a big, juicy, fat pear cut into peices. It was delish. To help my sinuses, I drank some hot green tea on the side.

Since I cannot sit still, and be couped up in the house all day…Jas and I have decided to go shopping at Concord Mills Mall. He has a gift card at Bass Pro Shops hehe. We will probably eat lunch there too. I just took some Sudafed..lets hope that gets me through the day! See ya later!

What Day Is It?

I woke up this morning totally thinking it was Monday! This vacation time has really thrown me off balance, that’s for sure. My day at work went by pretty smoothly, the kids got along pretty well most of the day. Before I knew it, it was time for me to leave again! I had better suck up all of the down time I get because in one more week it’s back to school for me! I am interning at the hospital two days a week, and have three other classes (and work) besides that! Whew, I will be a busy girl!

Anywho, we are here for food, right?
For breakfast I wanted something quick and on-the-go, so I grabbed a nana (there is hardly a day that I dont have a nana for breakfast…just so you know 🙂 and a Cliff bar.

A few hours later, I was hungry for a snack. Soooo, I grabbed some Trader Joes applesauce and a small glass of skim milk. I put my applesauce in a bowl that I made with the kids! Hehe, I am so creative. 😉

Gah, my photos are blurry! In case it isn’t obvious, I am no professional photographer! I was ready for lunch around 1pm, but being a nanny I had to make everyone elses lunch first! And as always, as soon as I take my seat someone needs something, but I dont mind..I love those kids. So when I finally got a chance to sit, I had the following: mixed greens salad (trying to use them up before they go bad!), tomato, cucumber, carrots and broccoli and rasp. vinagerrette dressing. Also: 2 thin, crumbly slices of cranberry walnut bread, with Stonyfield fat free peach yogurt and a cut up kiwi. The different flavors were delish! But just to satisfy my sweet tooth, a peanut butter cookie at the end. 🙂

Mid-afternoon I snacked on a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter, and a mug of green tea to drink.

Jason and I had plans to go to the gym once I got off of work. I was feeling the need to workout since I took a day off yesterday. We arrived at the gym, and I was totally hyped up to start running, I started to run…and holy moly…After a mile my shin was hurting so bad..and I knew I should’ve stayed off of it for another day..but I am very stubborn. I figured “Well, it’s a day later, and it doesn’t hurt, so I should be okay” WRONG! The pain was sooo bad, I hopped off the treadmill and found Jason across the room where he was doing sit-ups. I sat and complained to him, and his advice is that I should ice it, elevate it and STAY OFF OF IT! That is going to be very hard for me to do, I am such a go-go-go person…and I really had my heart set on going ice skating uptown tomorrow night 😦 Boo hoo. Oh well, if it’s for my body, then I will listen to Dr.Jasons advice (hehe 🙂

After doing some ab work: planks, sit-ups and bicycle crunches..and walking at a moderate pace on the treadmill for 20 min, we came home to make an easy dinner. I do have the ingredients to make a nice dinner..but with my “injury” I wanted to spend the least amount of time on my feet tonight. So I came up with the following:

2 morningstar veggie dogs, brussel sprouts, 1 pickel and kashi cheddar crackers. And plenty of water!! This dinner will probably leave me feeling hungry later on tonight….so expect a late night snack!

Okay, Jason has been waiting patiently like the good boyfriend he is 🙂 I am off to relax and elevate my foot on the couch. Maybe a little “Night at the Roxbury” is in order?? Haha, that movie will never get old. Nighty night.

Cant Get No… Mo-ti-va-tion!

Jason and I have been in our pjs all day! I am seriously having a very, very lazy day. It doesn’t help that The Biggest Loser Marathon is on either. We are literally glued to the tube.

We did find time to go feed Jasons grandfathers farm animals though 🙂 We also took Trixie with us so she could have fun at the farm too 🙂

When we got back, we were both hungry..but I wanted something easy. I decided on veggie soup, a veggie salad containing: mixed greens, tomato, cucumber and feta cheese. Whole wheat toast with butter on the side.Since lunch, I have snacked on a Kashi TLC bar with a ‘lil bit of peanut butter on top. We aren’t very hungry for dinner yet, and being sooo lazy..I am kind of hopeing the honey will cook tonight 🙂 It’s back to work for me tomorrow, and the weather is looking pretty gross! Wintry mix?? Yuck!

Hello 2009

Happy New Year! I am just now waking up! Yikes! (Well, actually I have been up for an hour, but couldn’t get on the internet because the boyfriend was desperatley trying to get Panthers playoff tickets!) I didnt get to bed last night until 3 am! We stayed up half the night watching Cribs on MTV hehe.
Last night was very fun, we went to Texas Roadhouse (a steakhouse! my order was kind of weird because I just had to throw things together that I saw on the menu. I wasnt very impressed with any of the food, it isn’t one of my favorite restaraunts..but it was enough for last night.
OK, before you judge, remember that I am a “new” food blogger and am trying to take a pic of everything that I eat..but sometimes I forget!! 😦 Last night I was really engrossed in the convo and completely forgot my blogging duties! Let me paint you a mental pic: House Salad w/ tom, egg, lite ranch. Rice, broccoli, and half of a sweet tater. There you go. Nothing big.

Pre-dinner I sipped on a glass of Zifandel that the boyfriend poured while I was rushing around getting ready. I also snacked on a huge apple. It was very tasty, the only downside to this apple was that it took forever to eat! And I needed to be getting ready!!

After eating at the restaraunt, I was in the mood for a sweet treat. I had totally forgotten that it was New Years Eve and everything would be closed! After trying to go to Tonys Ice Cream and TCBY, we ended up at Steak and Shake…ugh. I will never go there again. The service was horrible, my ice cream was freezer burnt, and our orders took forever to get to the table!! I ordered a scoop of vanilla ice cream with fugde on top. I ate about 3/4 and Jason ate the rest, again no pic 😦

We drove our friends home, and made it back to the house around 11:40…we rang in the New Year sitting in the floor in front of the boyfriends space heater 🙂 It was kind of special because our first kiss was on New Years a year ago….awwwww how sweet 🙂 Definitley one I will remember!
I was feeling really hungry before bed, but decided to wait until this morning to eat. I woke up and immediatley was craving something hot…such as….french toast! I had three slices of whole wheat french toast sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar with banana.

Now, an hour later, I am feeling empty in my stomach! I think its the lack of peanut butter in my breakfast this morning…hmmm. I might have a snack soon. As for exercise, I am taking it easy today! I am very sore from my workout yesterday and the run that I did on Tuesday. I will get back on the bandwagon tomorrow. Maybe I can do some easy cardio by walking Trixie around the park later. See you after lunch! I think burritos are on the menu for dinner tonight, yum yum!!